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Connected Thinking means understanding the connections that make businesses work. It’s about working together to bring world-class thinking to clients and drawing on our collective knowledge to benefit all parts of an organisation. It’s about never looking at, or working in, isolation. It’s about stretching ourselves to bring new perspectives that challenge the basis of our thoughts.


  • Connecting with others who have more experience or a different perspective.
  • Looking at issues from a number of angles.
  • Applying learning from other industries and markets.
  • Proactively contributing thoughts, insights and experiences.
  • Considering the impact and wider implications of decisions and recommendations.
  • Supporting our colleagues when they turn to us for help.
  • Doing what is smart and also right.
  1. DJ
    August 19, 2006 at 4:53 pm

    too much of C** stuff….. aajkal gyaan dena shuru kiya hai kya…
    neways on serious note….Quite well said…. nothing works in this corporate world in Silos… but kinda confused on the last point— smart at the same time Right, not sure how frequently can u end up dng that– its too utopic i guess, my exp says- if its right- it doesnt look so neat and if its so suave, thrs gotta be some catch….. put in some more views then we can discuss…

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