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The Sabbath Times

God save the world!!!

These days… really look like one “bachelorhood” honeymoon. After a hectic start to the week, itz kindda eased out… with me back to my swimming – steam bath – jaccuzi and gym work out routine 🙂 And not to forget, watching movies over the weekend (cudn’t help watching KANK — been like more than a month having watched a hindi movie)

Anyways, now itz time for work errr…. breakfast. Off I go… and hope to get back on the circuit soon.

By the way, everyone’s been asking me about the “Blogging Reincarnated” story, so here it goes: Long ago, there was a second-generation Einstein hehehe… this is not where the story’s was heading to. Now for the facts, had been into blogging but then circumstances demanded that I quit it. So, it took me almost 3years to recoup n finally think of starting it again. Firstly, it was my 2006 Birthday Resolution but then it passed off wth no action. Now, wanted to supplement my patriotic interests with an I-Day Resolution. Nothing was coming!!! Eventually, realized that resolutions are meant to be broken. So, took the plunge without reason. And lo’ here I am!!

  1. Aish'
    August 18, 2006 at 4:32 pm

    i jus gt 1 question for ya..

    “wherez da party tonight?”

    rock on…salamz!!

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