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assembly @ JJs and party @ BJs

Must be wondering… wat the Js are all about…. hmmm I too was until I landed there today 🙂

Party Time
Pyaare pyaare lamhe, pyaare pyaare baatein
Sapnon ke din hai, sapnon ki raatein
Where’s the party tonight?
Woh sapnon ke din hai, woh sapnon ki raatein……

After work, decided to party for a while… and lo’ I landed there. Ohhh the bouncers… refused to budge and allow non-member stags in – even a bribe didn’t seem to work (guess, these guys hav to be in the Indian polity). And then our frend, Abdullah, landed on the scene….. wrrooooooom. Dished a few dinars and v were in!!! Who says perseverance doesn’t pay.

In we went… and while my frends rushed to the bar counter, I landed on the dance floor minus the “company”. And then it was history… danced to Irish and Latino tunes with “company” from across the globe – name it and I danced with it!!! Eventually, got bak home hoping to return to the battlefield again. Sayonara.


  1. Farghana
    August 19, 2006 at 8:05 am

    So the party boy set the dance floor burning!!n weren’t you singing:
    Dance with me baby,
    Wont you dance with me all nite,
    Wont you party, party party
    Wont you burn the floor all nite!

  2. August 19, 2006 at 8:47 am

    Woahhh… some1 is having all d fun in d world :D.. nice nice…and makes me nothing but all d more happier to c u whr u r 🙂 luv ya soo much Mo! *hugs* Lovely blog.. now keep posting so tht even if i miss out on a day i can always come bck n knw whts happening at ur end… tc buddy!! n rock on! 😉

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