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The Balancing Act

The DolphinThe Sea ElephantOne weekend on a hot n humid Thursday nite (20th July), me and my frends strolled down to the Dolphin Park in Bahrain. The show was to begin at 2300hrs and we were early by an hour. So, decided to spend time playing pool and table tennis. Was really gud fun…. getting bak into winning mode after long. And then, the show…. my ticket got me a surprise gift (perhaps the first time I ever won a scratch-to-win offer) – a tea cup. Coming to the show, it was decent… not as gud as expected. First, the Sea Elephant was brought in… and before we could cry foul, the Dolphin came in. The show continued at the same pace and we left the place not so upbeat about the whole thing.

Nevertheless, the saddest part came in, wen exactly a week later, the newspapers informed that the Park was set ablaze because of a “short-circuit” and more unfortunately, that the Sea Elephant died while the Dolphin has just been moved away a couple of days earlier.

Save the animals *period* before some jerk shouts “Equal Rights for Animals”! (LOL)

For more, visit CDNN or Gulf Daily News

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