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pristine beauty of the countryside…

bahrain collage

Sunday morning… wen everyone’s lazing arnd in their homes, I got up and trotted to my office. But, who’s complaining? Got o’er with loads of work (consrtuctive for a change) and then got off some thing-to-do from my list for the day. And then had a typical Indian lunch (the thali…) before heading bak home.

On the way, the Circadian Rhythms was ringing in my ears and so thought I’d come up with something to keep up the name of the blog (for non-starters, Circadian translates to Daily). And here I am with some snapshots of the countryside (for any image non-clarity, blame it on my car’s speed and my camera phone – even a 2 MegaPixel N6270 doesn’t serve the purpose).

And talking of the “thali meals”, I couldn’t have ever imagined that, coming to the Middle East, my intake of non-veg stuff would have reached an all-time low… phew!!!!

  1. August 21, 2006 at 1:47 pm

    poetry and foto collages….
    ways and means to vent creative energies, alike! 😛

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