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Eighth day of the Week

huh? “EIGHTH – Am I reading it right…??” (Isn’t it wat ya are thinking?)

Ya still hav a perfect eyesight…. rest assured, when there could be a movie titled “Eight days a week”, how can my blog be left behind [:)]

Taking along from here, it really makes me feel that the Corporate World is out to squeeze everyone to his limits… and am sure every sane pro must be feeling the same…. come the weekend and ya’re like “Has it been 8 days since the last weekend? wooosh!!!!”

Neways, moving away frm the controversial topic and toking of the movie in question, it was one hilarious teen comedy (1997 release) which, for 2hrs, made me forget all the perils in life and laugh my heart out. The best part was its ending dialogue – The only important thing is making love in life. Every other thing is jus’ a time pass. Life or something like that!!!

With the hilarious part of the day over… lemme get o’er to something serious stuff – business. huh? Today was yet another bizi day @ work with a lot of intermissions. There was this tele-intro with one sick gurlfrend (chill, female frend) followed by a rendezvous with the Miss India 2007 (look @ those snaring eyes). Somehow, my mind seems to be always oriented towards making my blog more useful for the world community (is someone nominating me for the next Ford’s Leadership for a Changing World Award?)…. and then came out 2 bunnies out of my hat: tw!$t3d j0cuLar!Ty and “QuoteZone”. Promising ya (if ya thinking of suing me for failing my promise, then this was not for ya) that itz gonna be a real gud collection minus the bad part. hehehe.

This brings me to the end of my funny working week and the first on the public screen [:)]

  1. August 23, 2006 at 6:04 pm

    Lol..found it funny..
    and am not suing u for anything..

    except for making me laugh even in fever.
    The viruses have something to complain
    “How can we overpower a laughing Jane?”

  2. August 23, 2006 at 6:07 pm

    @ Sick gurlfrend

    The world’s yet to come out with a treatment for this. Sing out a lullaby and send her to sleep 🙂 Wat say, doc?

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