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Happiness galore…

The last 12 hours have been like eternal bliss… seems like God’s been Merciful in one go!!!! My faith’s just got stronger [:)] Now, before ya begin wondering or rather demystifying what “bliss” am toking of, lemme spill the beans….


2100hrs: Had a session with the CBI (err… the megalomaniac) – was grilled on my favorites 🙂 but stopped short of venturing into cryptic terrain

movie @ home 2200hrs: Clubbing plans get overriden by a movie watching endeavor… and off we dashed to the Video Library and not finding a gud english title settled for Golmaal and Krissh (one for the funny bone and the other one for the child in us). Again, a vote followed with Golmaal winning the first slot. While everyone was getting ready for the movie, I was already on the oft-contended sofa with my pack of chips n rani (eeks… not a real-life Rani but my fav pineapple drink). Having settled comfily the movie began and trust me, was a big let down [:(] Neways, the faint hope that Krissh wud compensate for it turned outta be another blunder of the day (though easily forgivable)

~~~~~~Fast forward… (x2)~~~~~~

0330hrs: Thought of heading to the bed but then the thought of God (remember, the faith thingie) came in and decided to stick ground till my morning prayer time. It always pays to be on His right side (as subsequent events proved). Got o’er wth prayers n then hit the bed before dashing off a quick text to my pal with a broken heart (err… broken nose).
Time: 0400hrs

~~~~~~Super fast forward… (x4)~~~~~~

a bright morning...
(my mobile records say so): Rise n shine… the morning news makes me all the more fine. Yuppieeeeee! I get up to the call of my Manager saying “Moid, ya shud take a break to India soon!” And my heart beat was yearning to hear the quantification of “soon“… coming… coming… coming…. 29th. I was jus’ off my feet and jus’ wanted to run into the wilderness shouting my heart out. Alas, there isn’t any vegetation arnd here leave alone the wilderness.

0900hrs: Yea, it took me almost an hour for the excitement to settle in. And then, I was like “let the w*** go to hell! Am gonna plan my trip now.” Seems like the dormant Einstein in me was brought to life… with those words “flyback”. Woooh, ya shud hav been here to witness the event of the …. millenium (nah!), year (I must b kidding), day (dat sounds a little realistic) – ok, I give up – I dunno!!!

Working out excitedly...

Then the weekend began on a roll… wth me off for my regular (meaning of regular in moi’dictionary: whenever moi wants it) gym workout and still the adrenaline was gushing @ itz peak… and before I knew, I had run 4.6 Kms on the treadmill (although there was another booster that made this possible… itz only known to moi). And yea, these 4.6 Kms took me jus’t 26minutes running at an average of… (ya can calculate that). Decided to prepare my dancing feet for the weekend and switched on Music Now to the beats of Meditteranean and Arabic dance. Still left untired, did some stretching exercises and yea, got interrupted with a call from mom. Finally, I had some gud news for her. Then the usual side acts followed… the steam bath and the jaccuzi.

1100hrs: Over with this, I didnt knw tears were in store for me (no one’s to blame except for the Allium family). Coming out of the shower, I ‘accidentally’ ventured into the kitchen to see my frends trying to cook our breakfast (yet another oft-hated test of their cusinary skills) and I knew… wat was waiting! With zero knowledge of cooking, I landed on the chopping board cutting onions (explains the Allium cepa name) and yea, tears flew down my eyes…. perhaps 61.79% of it was coz of the onions itself while the other 38.21% was on account of me being forced into working @ the Auschwitz. Eventually, came out unscathed (except for a few drops trickling down my eyes) and landed here.

A frend online asked me… wat I was upto and I excitedly told her dat my breakfast’s been prepared and on asking wat – I was mute like the Statue of Liberty (maybe closer home, Rani of Jhansi would also do). Later only did I realize wat I was expected to gobble… (eeks.. dat was being very uncharitable). Eventually, must thank my buddies for laying out an amazing intended-breakfast-turned-brunch (although my calories got a nitro boost). Ohhhh dnt try demistyfing wat it was – plain grilled sandwich and open-top burger [:)]. Yea to add on, the onions I cut tasted too gud… hehehe (someone’s said she was the only narcissist around)

Now, itz already noon and now, me getting on with some work so that the rest of the weekend goes without guilt!!! Who ever said… weekends are supposed to be no-work-days (Must already be turning in his grave for having said the impossible).

  1. August 24, 2006 at 1:12 pm

    so mr fast forward, cool enough.
    4.6kms good , well , hope u loose sum calories, waise getting slimmer haan :)ur new pic heehee

  2. August 24, 2006 at 1:26 pm

    n yess movie toh blunder honi hi thi drr, as u 😦

  3. August 24, 2006 at 1:28 pm

    so rani is wid u haan :)dats y d movie was a blunder n dumblooooo, yea i knew dat 😦

  4. CBI
    August 24, 2006 at 1:59 pm

    Well , will give you the chance to make the queries next time…
    Was just trying to get to know you better.
    And as far as I remember it wasn’t only about the pleasant things…

    Btw, as I told you..now I know enough to blackmail you…

  5. August 24, 2006 at 2:01 pm

    oh yeah..you are right there…
    I got both a broken nose and a broken heart 😦

    Wonder which hurts more…

    No..not the heart anymore…

  6. ??
    August 24, 2006 at 2:25 pm

    hmm…i really get real time feeds on u by reading ur bolgs(u not havin ne time to tok to me,ya will have to cmpensate for dat wen u cm to India)…cant interpret much bt atleast kno wat CB is upto!!

  7. August 25, 2006 at 9:03 am

    tht sun’s pic…is jus suuuper!

  8. Aish
    August 25, 2006 at 10:02 pm

    ooohhhh i beieve it was mee dat askd u wht u was havin for breakfast (i think nt 100% sure tho lolzz)

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