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A bland Saturday that was not to be…

Titling this post reminded me of the PwC’s intermediate avatar of MONDAY 🙂 before IBM came along to literally save the day!!! Post-Enron, the world saw a spew of new corporate names…. indicating a new realism. But, why the heck are v toking of this now? huh?

Coming to my day… was more bland than the lunch preparations I used to eat at the UNICEF HQ during my childhood summers. Yea, it was an amazing experience… the lush green lawns, amazing swimming pool (jus’ dat didn’t realize the essence of appreciating beauty @ dat age… all of 10 years). Neways, beginning on an usual note, the day went off with nutin productive coming along until my yet-another concentrated chat with Hidayath on the way APMEC shud be moving (for the uninitiated, a post will follow on what APMEC is and what it does).

Dashing bak home after a long time in office, I sat on the drawing board and charted the organization structure for APMEC and then a Annual Plan outline for the other executive members to firm it up 🙂 Jus’ sincerely hoping that our initiative takes a nitro boost up soon and get going towards the objective.

Evening… was no different (work – short nap – gym workout etc) and coming bak, had only work waiting for me. Then, managed to talk to Ms. Broken Nose and listen to her “gande” comments grrr……. (will take care of ya, Apz)

Ohhh shit… I was to speak of something else but itz gone outta my mind. Somehow, these days, I remember less maybe coz of the stress 🙂 change I will without taking ne pill…. wasn’t dat a gud shot @ rhyming poetry???

Now, the countdown begins… (yea, the change’s already happened and I remembered it… yuppieeee)

3…. 2…. 1…. I fly to India for my flyback vacation – this time not able to manage more than 6 days 🙂


Have a stressful itinerary laid out… wondering if I come bak frm vacation more tired than ever or more recharged than ever 🙂 and for those it makes a difference and for those it doesn’t (my middle finger), my as of today is:
30th August – Delhi
31st August – Bangalore
1st September – Hyderabad
2nd September – Hyderabad
3rd September – Hyderabad
4th September – Hyderabad / Delhi
5th September – Delhi / Bahrain

Note: This schedule subject to change without prior notice (who said airlines only have all the luxury to do this?? huh??)

  1. August 27, 2006 at 7:06 am

    Yes..this is to publically declare, that I, Miss. Broken Nose aka CBI aka Apz..don’t have a broken nose anymore.
    I never had one in the first place
    I just got hurt a little 😛

    And I would still call you “Gande Bacche” 😀 hee hee

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