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The week that was….

September 5, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Seems like my absence’ been a lil’ too long… nevertheless, my blogging spirit still remained and remains as enthu as ever. And so have been blogging offline till now. Now dat am bak to Bahrain, itz gonna get on a roll yet again.

31 August 2006

0900hrs (India Time): Sitting in the aircraft hovering over 35000ft… I decided to continue with my blogging…. nutin can stop me!

Coming to the “Moid-is-missing” effect, it turned out to be one of the mysterious disappearances ever….. I was about to write of my 2-day absence from the blogging arena and lo’ after writing an epic narration… I published my post to only see the content missing with the title left out. I didn’t know… blog engines themselves make their own interpretations.

Alas, decided to let it be as it is… then Aug 28 passed by. And come 29-August, my date with India yet again… as the day went by, my excitement rose. Reached a cresendo wen mom told me about dad’s promotion. “I really admire you, dad!!” He is one soul who has never ceased to impress and inspire me at the same time…. if I were to decide on becoming something in life, it’s gonna be his replica.

Now… am losing track of what all happened in the last 4 days… whoever said humans can compete with the supercomputers of our age [:)] must have been @ his humorous best!!! Ohhh yea, now I remember… wat I was to say in the “mysterious post” 🙂

Some intelligent brains… yea, geneaologically derived from Einstein himself… have been making their own conclusions after reading my posts. For instance, a frend of mine blurted out “Seems like we are gonna get a bhabhi soon…” and I was like WTH is dat. Turned out, there seems to be more than meets the eye in my post… innuendos @ certain things.

Neways, wudn’t have to worry… coz my “plan” says no personal commitments until 2009. Yo, must be wondering what the “plan” is! Get lost… no one’s privy to that except my exclusive coterie.

And yea, had also been trying to make a point dat my driver’s a female… one pretty Bahraini – femme fatale – but Rasha really is a fun person to be with. She’s known more about Indian cuisine than I do even after being in India for like 24yrs now. Nevertheless, I cannot be a master @ everything… esp. cuisine with Hyderabadi cuisine being my single-focus zone! Ohhh she drives like crazy… zooming at no less than 150kmph on the normal roads [:)]

Fast-forwarding to Tuesday (1900hrs), I was rushing to complete some official work before I start my Indian sojourn. And once I got over with it, decided to leave for the airport after a quick dinner. Landed @ the airport and my check-in was like in a jiffy. 20min and I was in the boarding lounge. AJ and me… decided to get going with some snacks and eye-candy (gonna be missing dat the next few days hehehe). Then, went about the duty free for a while… before eventually boarding the aircraft.

Settling comfortably in the Business Class… I got really comfy n developed ants in my feet [LOL]. So, deciding to take a walk thru the aircraft, I went bak… and here was another shock of my life – “unsaid discrimination”. In the Economy Class, there were 3 sections… and wat I see (immediate visual reaction) is all Indians clubbed into the back seats of the Economy class while the others “Whites and likewise” in the front rows even when the overall occupancy was like 25-30% max. It was really disgusting to see this… how can someone even do such a thing so blatantly yet unwritten. But, being positive, there is always a charm in being LLBs (Lord of Last Benches)

Looking ahead… was feeling so sleepy. And even a 140 degree recline couldnt put me to sleep still, so with the adjacent seat bbeing vacant, I pulled up the separator handrest and lay down on the 2 seats… true Indian isshtyle!

Morning of Wednesday (0600hrs), the airhostess woke me up “Sir, we are about to land!” and I was like all recharged by then. Being Indian truly helps @ times (I hope ya understanding what I mean). On landing, got out… went thru the immigration and then came out to warmly see a placard carrying my name “Moid Mohammed, PwC, GF131”. Quickly reached the Guest House and was out again in 10min flat (shave, shower and dress up – must hav broken some world records in the process) and like a diligent soul, was in office by 0830hrs.

Having got so many things to be done and also loads of frends to be met, I had my things-to-do list already in place (Reminds me, an IIT frend of mine on seeing this asked me… is it really required in life to do such a thing – being structured and well planned n I was like… with a life like Moid’s ya gotta be doing this to keep urself alive n kickin’). Cut… got over with my work – Ohhh God, was like more difficult than scaling the Mt. Everest. Then, a bit of rescheduling here n there… and then started my meeting-the-frends activity – a trip to Coffee Day Lounge, Mocha, Yo! China and then my gud frend’s home.

Traveled close to 160kms within Delhi yesterday… even after canceling my meeting with the “gandi bacchi” in Noida. Reached home… all exhausted at 2330hrs. And realized dat I had a morning flight again @ 0700hrs. Decided to hit the sack almost immediately… and had asked the driver to reach my place at 0500hrs n buzz me. 0510hrs… I hear my mobile ring harshly only to see that this was his 5th call… and I woke up almost immediately. Another record-breaking rush to dress up (this time clocking 7min) – ever seen even Schumi improve his timings so quickly? Eventually, reached airport in one piece on time too. Checked in again… and loitered around the boarding lounge. Delhi’s airport sux big time. Atleast I love Mumbai’s new terminal… or for dat matter, Bangalore’s quite decent.

In the aircraft, being late for the check-in, got hold of an aisle seat… and breakfast was served almost immediately. I thot breakfast was only to be served to me but then my jeans also got a fair share of it (yea, the airhostess dropping some ketchup – I even remember her name – Saloni). Neways, done with breakfast, still 1+hr to reach the destination, I took out my laptop and started this… and now itz 0930hrs.

As for today, yet another eventful day… Inshallah! And I hope, I have made up for all those 4 days of missing blogs 🙂 No brickbats allowed.

Let me sign off here and hoping to get bak with a Hyderabadi touch soon. Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna!!
01 September 2006 

Continuing from where I left last… I landed in Bangalore and then checked into my guest house accommodation. And the nightmairtel was there to haunt me again. My fone jus’ refused to connect thru… and I sighed. Eventually tried all possible means… to get it working n when all dat failed, I again had to call up the Airtel Delhi Head who’d jus’ the other day apologised profusely. And this time arnd, he cudn’t even apologise. It was supposed to be some technical error… and I was like shrieking “Why me?”

My complete Bangalore plans seemed in a mess… wth me being unreachable and also that I cudn’t even get to my frends arnd here. Decided to rest my anger wth some sleep… after a light lunch. Off my siesta, I rejoiced to see my fone working now. And immediately, my schedule seemed to fructify. And wat all I’ve done in the remaining part of the day was conversations, movie (The Break Up) and a nice Hyderabadi dinner. Talking of “The Break Up”, Jennifer Aniston was luking a bit jaded and a lil’ outta place as well. The movie started off on an arguing pace… wth nutin but boyfie-gurlfie punching arnd. And then once things went out of control in their lives, the movies began to get control (hehehe). Ended on a sombre note… but then cudn’t hav asked for nething better wth the other screening being “Omkara”. Omkara – though gud – is supposed to hav some “unacceptable” and “uncharitable” usage of expletives in Bihari isshtyle n dat deterred my pal frm opting for the same.

Neways… done is done, I wandered bak to my guest house arnd 0130hrs. And then, was to get up again @ 0330hrs for the morning flight bak home. And with no trust in my fone alarm and more importantly, no faith in my wake-up-to-the-alarm capabilities, I was like sleeping off n on. Eventually, all things going well, landed in the airport well ahead of time and now wth nutin to do, bak to the sweet ol’ blogging.

At the end of it all, time seems to fly away so swiftly dat it doesn’t even give one a chance to njoi those special moments with dear frends.

But alas, time has come to bid gudbye
And heart is where the memories lie
Yearning to be relived
Wen the time comes to meet one’s beloved!

Guess I need to push off… or else be left out here. So, type laterz [:)]

  1. Fargz
    September 6, 2006 at 10:49 am

    So someone had one hectic but amazing week with friends and family. Missed reading about your circadian rhythms, but i guess u made it up by finally publishing this long detailed post.

  2. April 3, 2010 at 11:46 am

    nice blog…keep up the good work:)

    • April 4, 2010 at 2:57 pm

      @ Daniel, thanks mate!!! 🙂

      Seems like you went too far back to 2006… re-reading this post was so refreshing. And yes, I also realized that I was a better writer back then hahaha.

      Hope you enjoy my recent writings as well. Adios!

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