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The war continues…

September 10, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

This time, while US gears up to relive yet another tale of the 9/11 Attacks, I have my minds on something more constructive and impactful. My thoughts wander to the Formula One circuit and Schumi’s announcement of his retirement….

2007 is gonna see a major change in the lineups across teams… wth so many switching and new introductions. More importantly, I am confused with where my heart lies. Out n out, I was born a McLaren fan… stayed put even after the Mika Hakkinen era… stood fast with Kimi Raikkonen and now with him moving to Ferrari, am not sure if McLaren is still where my heart lies or have I begun to build more confidence in Kimi.

Formula One War

This is like a chicken-n-egg puzzle… one part of me feels the McLaren car disappointed me this year while the other one says Kimi wronged us. But, now I seem to be more positive about the Kimi-Ferrari story unfolding in 2007. Not to discard the other major force in the reckoning then… the Alonso-McLaren teamup.

In any case, Formula One 2007 suddenly promises to be more exciting… McLaren getting the best driver and Kimi getting the best car (as I would want to believe). And as I say… the war continues!!!!!

Going bak to wat I do best… recount my seconds spend thru the day, nutinz been eventful…. the same ol’ office, the same ol’ work and yea a couple of meetings here n there. And to top it all, have got some really tight deadlines to meet in the next 2-3 days. Life couldn’t have been worse (have been saying this every other day… hehehe)

Reminds me of a PJ my colleague created…. a senior PwC Bahrain colleague was telling my Partner that he was a high-flier (because of his travel itinerary of 3 countries in 2 days – beats my own records) to which this PJ-master says “Nopes, SRK (my Partner) isn’t a high-flier. His flight also flies at the same altitude as yours! Sheeesssshh….”

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    September 13, 2006 at 8:11 pm

    ufffooo…is it the “moid is missing effect” again??…come out wid the next blog naa fast!!

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