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The week that was…

September 20, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Back after a whirlwind tour of India, the immortal storm finally docks in @ Bahrain.

Too many things happened all this time… This India trip almost killed me… wth so much to be done in so less a time. 4 days, 7 flights, 5 cities and 3 countries. What else could hav been worse than this? But, then everything’s forgiven wth this being for my sweet lil’ sis. She got engaged last Saturday… Preempting questions on who the lucky guy is – he’s Dr. Waseem – a soon-to-be Orthodontist.

Everything happened so much in a jiffy…. within 2 weeks of the alliance being discussed, the engagement’s done and more importantly, my sis being very happy about it. I must only thank the Almighty for all His blessings!

Apart from the engagement ceremony, I had a chance to meet my ex-bosses @ IBM while in Mumbai. Joined them for lunch and then my ex-Manager was like “Moid, you came to meet us or accept our job offer?” And on me responding with a smile, he added, “Our offer still remains!!!” Sometimes I wonder how attached I get to people I come in touch with… but watever be it, I still have gud thoughts and feelings for my IBM colleagues. Each one is unique in his/her own respect and I have learnt to believe and respect that.

Bak home, “engagement” was the only thing on everyone’s minds…. and once it got over, I rushed to Pune to catch up wth frends there. Managed to watch “Pyaar ke side effects” and also sneaked in a visit to SIMS. Then, after bunking in @ Richa’s place, landed in Mumbai on Monday morning. Now, wudn’t want to devote much time to my misadventures there… traffic sux and the weather too. Surprisingly, managed to meet Maneesha di and Richa before taking my flight to Dubai.

All in all, was a hectic trip… but then enjoyed every bit of it.

Now after a hectic day @ work, came home… and watched “Beautiful Joe” while having lunch. It is incredibly sentimental and sappy, wth every character going through a journey of self-discovery. After countless bawdy comedies and lame action flicks, it was nice to cleanse my palate with a film that left me smiling after it was over.

Guess there wasn’t ne dope for all those per-journos (wateva dat means) but yea reminds me of the numerous reactions to my status msgs oflate. How I wish I had a plausible reason for dat…. Nevertheless, here’s a sample of how people reacted to “…been touched by an angel with love” status msg:
Friend 01: “who..is..the..angel????are..U..getting..married” (so much of surprise)
Friend 02: “r u touched by the angel and gonna marry?” (a very concerned frend)
Friend 03: “who’s the angel with love? u din tell me :D” (my model frend)
Friend 04: “dint teme abt ur angel…huh??” (my cutest baby)
Friend 05: “BTW whoz this angel dat u’ve been touched by…..” (frend with a loving smile)
Friend 06: “who is this ‘angel of love’ who touched u” (the bike-crazy pal)
Friend 07: “so whose this angel?” (a co-nomad)
Friend 08: “wat does ur status msg mean…. touched by an angel with love” (ever-diplomatic frend)
Friend 09: “so who is this agnel with love? out with it man…” (the crazy lawyer)
Friend 10: “who is d lucky angel ;)” (my secrets-keeper)
Friend 11: “Aha` been touched by an angel with love. Thatz cute…” (the poetess)
Friend 12: “so which angel touched you with love?” (a photography expert)
Friend 13: “so kya drmz mein angel aay koi kya dr” (the diligent architect)
Friend 14: “so where is ur angel now” (my mentor and guide)
Friend 15: “did cupid pay somebody a visit???? :)” (a fellow ex-IBMer)

Enuf for the closing thoughts…. after all, the status msg was just me playing with my poetic imagination 🙂

  1. ......
    September 21, 2006 at 8:27 am

    Hey, Moid, so i was the only decent person not to have asked u “that” question!! so thnk me baby 4 not barging into ur privacy!!

  2. ??
    September 21, 2006 at 4:29 pm

    c,u created soo much mystery and confusion,u gotta answer now…and wat does this mean- “been touched by an angel with love, an angel of wonder n surprise [hehehe] Don’t panic… am still single and it was just something different”…u kno u cant escape my questions…so out with it now(before i irritate u to death) 😉

  3. September 23, 2006 at 12:26 am

    Friend 16: Please identify yourself.

  4. September 23, 2006 at 12:43 am

    @ Zishaan

    gud try… but I guess getting out confessions ain’t so easy 🙂

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