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An enthralling nite of vibrant colors…

September 22, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

… constituting moments to be remembered for a long time. Well, it was the Garba Dandiya Nite in Bahrain on 21st.

Charged up for the event, I trudged into the audi in ethnic dress (white kurta and jeans) ready to play with the sticks. Surprisingly, saw a huge Indian crowd there… and then the music began in full rhythm. Jus’ dat the singer for the occasion, Vinod Rathod, sux. He was playing some old music from his era… guess datz why he’s off the scenes now.

5 minutes and I had learnt the art of playing dandiya… and unmindful of the music beats in the background, I started off… did a full stop only 4 hours later. And I was still yearning for more… perhaps the company I had was taking its effect… YEH DIL MANGE MORE!

Nevertheless, to the positive thoughts of a re-take in a couple of weeks time and also Jenie’s presence, I bid gudbyes to my frends (old n new) and reached bak home. Reality sank in the moment I landed in my apartment… work rearing its ugly head. And since then, have been bak to work… with no intermissions. Guess, I gonna be dead bizi till the coming Tuesday.

Having better things to discuss… letz move on!!!

By the way, Ramadan Mubarak to all my pals… around the world. I begin fasting today…. with a gud aim of cleansing my body and mind – learning n practising the basic tenets of Islam – and striving to become a gud man. Reminds me of some words I had written for a Class 7 essay competition on “My ambitions in life” – My dream is to be remembered, not for my human frailties or mannerisms, but for something I did, achieved, left behind, something that reached and touched the life of total strangers.

So much for those sweet words…. but they need to be put into action.

And while I keep writing this, I have this sweet lil’ Jenie… who’s ill (her bad luck still continues) and so join me in wishing her “Get well soon”! Her lamp and her friends have been missing her for so long… now. Looking forward to seeing her @ her best sometime…. over the weekend. Jenie, get bak to ur rockin’ self again….

Anyways, I need to get bak to my most favorite pastime… WORK. Before I leave, might add in some more flavor to the “angelic” episode. These days, one can see me murmuring…
meri duniya…
kyun aajkal neend kam khwaab jyada hai
lagta khuda ka koi nek iraada hain

But, don’t get excited… itz jus’ a song from the upcoming movie, Woh Lamhe – an amazing one!!!

  1. Jenie
    September 23, 2006 at 10:44 am

    Janab, the Jenie will soon enough return to her friends and the famous lamp… your wishes and thoughts have been the only effective medications…

    The retake in 2 weeks.. God willing… Get ready for an Advanced class in the Art of Dandiya n Garba…

    Speaking of Angelic Episodes… our friend here… the IMMORTAL STORM!!! has been pretty much active in his own angelic lifestyle ever since the Class 7 essay….

    Beautiful words of wisdom and inspiration… I shall remember them and pass the message on!!

    My dream is to be remembered, not for my human frailties or mannerisms, but for something I did, achieved, left behind, something that reached and touched the life of total strangers.

    Jenie rockin self downloading
    completed 99.9%

  2. September 23, 2006 at 10:50 am

    @ Jenie

    Guess ya offering free Dandiya classes wth me the first one on the rolls. As for my angelic adventures, yea, that’s an unending episode….

    And a veranda trip might complete the download perhaps….

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