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The Weekend Harbinger…

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Long long ago, there was an Emperor who told his horseman that if he could ride on his horse and cover as much land area as he likes, then the Emperor would give him the area of land he has covered.

Sure enough, the horseman quickly jumped onto his horse and rode as fast as possible to cover as much land area as he could. He kept on riding and riding, whipping the horse to go as fast as possible. When he was hungry or tired, he did not stop because he wanted to cover as much area as possible.

He came to a point when he had covered a substantial area and he was exhausted and was dying. Then he asked himself, “Why did I push myself so hard to cover so much land area? Now I am dying and I only need a very small area to bury myself.”

The above story is similar with the journey of our Life. We push very hard everyday to make more money, to gain power and recognition. We neglect our health, time with our family and to appreciate the surrounding beauty and the hobbies we love.

One day when we look back, we will realize that we don’t really need that much, but then we cannot turn back the time we have missed.

Life is not about making money, acquiring power or recognition. Life is definitely not about work! Work is only necessary to keep us living so as to enjoy the beauty and pleasures of life. Life is a balance of Work and Play, Family and Personal time. You have to decide how you want to balance your Life. Define your priorities, realize what you are able to compromise but always let some of your decisions be based on your instincts. Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of Life, the whole aim of human existence.

Wooooooooohhhhhhhh….. made some sense? It was all to justify the coming statements about the fun I had in the last 2 days… aka true consultant style. Nevertheless, taking on from where the fable’s interpretation ended……

Over with my meetings on Tuesday, my focus moved to the “balancing” part (read socialising bit)… so off I dashed to Veranda for a tête-à-tête with a very gud frend… this time arnd her PA granting me a 2hr (theoretically) appointment. Over a cocktail, the discussion drifted from crushes to the gang wars of the student days (Jumbo, Azhar for documentation sake) and yea, even though the cocktail was a fruit one n not an alcoholic one, I found myself blabbering out while “my frend” became a lot wiser about my crushes… jus’ dat time wasn’t sufficient to reach a proper ending (like a movie…)

The Veranda Experience

And then, taking the balancing act further, I rejoiced and almost jumped off my chair (which I didn’t… to avoid looking like a young kid being promised his choice of ice-cream hehehe) wen I heard of the salsa classes!!! And then, another feather in the cap, class on Thursday… I cud already see myself dancing @ Veranda’s itself 🙂 yea, the partner was already there. But, itz always difficult transforming a partner in crime to a salsa partner (wat ya say, Jenie?)

Nevertheless, went home… life got bak to status quo… worked for a while, slept for a little while, got up and went to office for a while, did meetings for quite a while… and 4 whiles down, was home in the afternoon yesterday with an “illusionary” weekend welcoming me in… then again the routine followed.

Come evening, I dashed off to this club (hosting the dance classes) and met up wth the other buddy and her 2 colleagues… 5 of us trooped in towards the heavenly realms of the dance floor only to be bounced bak to reality – “there is no class today (period)”. Could see all the jaws drop down in a faint realisation of these classes’ pessimistic futurity. But, not letting the mood down, we landed @ Chocos (guess I got it rite) and then had a Round Table(s) Conference over the larger issues facing the world (err… world nah, only us) obtrusive to the naked eye. A watermelon juice and a prank (woooh shud hav seen Neha’s reaction wen she, searching for her glasses saw me wearing the same without notice) later, I was off home… hoping to replace the next Thursday’s juice plans with a shake-a-leg plan. Hmmm… ya guessing it rite, itz salsa time again next Thursday and this time arnd, no taking chances…. we hav got the instructors’ coordinates and v wud go to any length to get them off their bed even to come n teach us this.

But, all-in-all, was an amazing experience over the last 2 days… seems like am getting bak to my best days (work hard, party harder kinds). So, while the whole world’s still sleeping, I need to get working… details of which will be unforthcoming! Rest in peace n njoi a wonderful weekend ahead… adios!!!

  1. September 29, 2006 at 7:11 am

    Mo’s Erudition always helps! 🙂

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