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Ushering in the weekend on an exciting note…

3793 and going strong… one begins to get the “been-there-done-that” feeling! But, then, to keep the momentum is where ya need nitro boosters once in a while. Are ya wondering why am toking so much of nitro boosters n all…. there’s a reason to dat as well. Have been playing RoadRash again since last 3-4 days and have reached the final level (was gud to see my bike riding skills still intact)


And today, had this adrenaline push frm a frend of mine –

really started liking your cicardian rythms very much… every now and then i go n read it…its interesting.. sort of a novel in which u dont know whats gonna come next!! nice style yaar!

nitro boost…

Nothing happens unless a dream
Suddenly, I cud see myself start dreaming… Vision 2007 – 10,000 visitors on the blog and some more innovative features making it a first on the blogging circuit. Then, get my blog as the first result on Google Search!!!

Coming bak to my commentary, the last couple of days has been a lot duller than expected… suddenly made me take look to my lifelines (mobile phone, laptop) for some positive grace. Also, have watched 4-5 movies in the last 2-3 days… seems like the number of movies is a direct indicator of one’s level of boredom 🙂

Nevertheless, starting this weekend on such a positive note, am sure, will do wonders… got some interesting work lined up to be done. And then, the usual satisfying my epicurean pleasures hehehe.

Tuning into Harmony’s Nothing I Can Do, I sign off… hoping to get bak before the sun sets in… today, tomorrow, or maybe some other day [LOL]

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