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[RECAP] the fortnight that was …

October 20, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

The past 10 odd days jus’ seemed to have whizzed past… wthout making a noise aka careless wisper 🙂 As I sit down to recount what has happened to me in these days and what has not… seems like a big eventless vacuum in my life!!!

As if dat deters me from finding words for my post… lo’ am here. It’s 1503hrs on a friday and me sitting in the confines of my apartment… couched on the sofa and jiving to DJ Tiesto’s latest – In Search of Sunrise 5. In a word, stunning. Perhaps an apt word to use given that it just rocks me off my mind 🙂 From Alex Stealthy’s Something is Wrong to Tom Cloud’s Told You So, itz an absolute lyrical emotional extremism supplemented with DJ Tiesto’s ear for perfect arrangements!!! I find myself rocking like a “rock” band even when itz pure trance [LOL] I seem to have such a vivid memory of what I have done most of the fortnight (I can see maself shooting off my schedule all o’er again)… no prizes for praising my memory power. It was jus’ one mission I was upto – GET OVER WITH THE CLIENT DELIVERABLE.

After almost 7 nite outs… in almost as many days and some worthwhile work output, seems like a mission accomplished “partially”!!! All this while, it was all work and no play for me… except for a brief respite with some J’escapades. Woohh… even the break was hectic – a long walk in the park followed by another long walk to the coffee shop and then lo’ time’s up (time to go home and bak to work). My focus was all WORK these many days… wth everything I did and everything I didn’t reflecting the same 😀 When I had some leisure time, I got down to some soul-searching and came to the conclusion that I was Jack-the-Ripper in my earlier incarnation, and someone somewhere has decided that it is time for divine retribution.
My IM status msg “lost in the sedulous pursuit of the unknown” also kept reminding me of the testing times ahead only wth my pals arnd the world taking it to be yet another testimony of moi-in-love 🙂 Me, being the born-narcissist, am always upto confusing people into believing something else thru my status msgs. Trust me, itz an experience… watching how vague the English language can be… one word and a hundred meanings with another thousand interpretations… how I wish my productivity @ work had such a multiplier effect.

Ohhh didn’t introduce ya to my team on the mission – Team 5. Sitting L to R: Isha’an – the sustainability expert, Jere’my – the negotiator, Moi – the youngest field agent doubling up as an entertainer and the man-friday, Anora’aj – the ever-nervous ammunition expert and then San’gram – the security expert!!!

Team 5

NOTE: Owing to the confidentiality of our ultra-secret mission, the names given above are as fictitious as the descriptions and also the faces that you see are not original but morphed!!!

Now, with a couple more days left for my trip bak home… excitement’s beginning to set in and so is the festive mood 🙂 And yea, not to forget mentioning about the umpteen movies I have sneaked time to watch in the past fortnight… ranging from Walkout, Someone was watching, Daredevil, Bulletproof Monk, Scorpion King to Omkara and a few more DVDs still left unwatched. I got company!!!

Festive Mood

All said and done, I have lived to see another day. Guess, I am a born fighter. They try their best, but I just don’t give up. I am determined not to call it quits and continue to somehow hang on for dear life. Sometimes I wonder, my parents might as well have named me Yo-Yo, it-don’t-matter-how-many-times-they-send-me-down, I-am-coming-back. So till the next time, and you can be sure that there is going to be a next time, keep the faith!

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