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Marriages… transition to a new world

November 13, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Thinking of the numerous marriages I am gonna be attending bak in India next month… my thoughts wandered to this weird question “Itz the marriage season… am I game too?”

Sunday mornings or shoud I say sunday afternoons? Aaaah! That feeling of waking up at your own time, room chilled like antarctica in the winters, snuggling on satin and dreaming of uh… Latetia Casta running in slow-mo on white beaches, eating popcorn-on-the-cob (actually that’s what this dream sounds like – corn!) with me and soft George Zamfir playing … beautiful – then suddenly… SCREECH! … SHATTER! I was rudely awakened by a chatter of voices. My frends had trooped into my room like rite out of a Yash Chopra family film…

Whenever I meet my frends online / offline, eventually the conversation lands to this question – “Moid, when r ya getting us a bhabhi? Itz time ya settled down personally now dat ya are professionally settled.” And before I can given my standard cliched response, another frend adds on – “Practice monogamy!”

Sheeeeesh… wat was dat? Felt like someone was smacking it rite @ my face… Nevertheless, gathering balance, the conversation continues again to my despair. I always believed in making new frends (which again almost always happened to be gurls) and that being with one gurl wud tie me down for life (no offence meant to neone)!

I remember speaking on the same lines to my sis… and she was like “If you have a super beautiful, loving, intelligent, classy wife; it’ll not be possible for you to have eyes for anyone but her”! And I retorted bak, itz jus’ not possible to find one woman having it all!

Nevertheless, this was just some thought on my mind…. but then nutinz gonna change. I am wat I am… and will remain the same as long as I can!! Reminds me of the Independence Day movie speech that goes something like this – “No matter whatever happens, we are not gonna go down. We will fight bak.”

While I cook up another post (most probably a movie review again), sayonara!!!

  1. November 15, 2006 at 12:05 pm

    hmm so Moid also believes in this notion of how can a man spend his entire life with one woman only!..but then dear if u love someone even the whole life will not seem enuf..m being a wee bit too mushy…,rite? so if evryone has asked you this question y shud i be left behind..so Moid when are you giving up your bachelorhood?? 😉

  2. November 16, 2006 at 9:28 pm

    So do I want to ask… Still wonderng who the hell this could be…

    This is from the middle of the ocean on the waters that touch Bahrain too..

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