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Rounding off November… that was!!!

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Seems like ages since I have put up nething here… not dat there wasn’t nething worth breaking the inertia but dat I always wanted leisure time to come up with a detailed post giving due credit to all that has happened in the last few weeks (gosh… the scale has moved from few days to few weeks… how lazy I have become!!!)

Jenie’s birthday surprise

Neways, continuing from where I left… November 13th –> with the date for departure looming o’er, it was time to do a farewell act n wat better than Jenie’s birthday. It was to fall on 17th but then with me all set to leave on 16th nite, decided to make the best use of this… And then me and Neha (finally she getting time off work) wracked our heads o’er wat to gift her…. eventually met up on 15th and did the birthday planning. The funniest part was dat v always kept asking Jenie for her wish list… and everytime she responded in the negative, we wud say “sorry dear, I cudn’t get time to get nething…. wud hav luved to get something!”.

But, then being her 21st birthday, had to be very special… and on the d-day (minus one though), the plan unfolded… she gets packed into the car blindfolded and then vrooom……. we go thru roundabouts, restaurants et al. and she tries her level best to guess where v headed to… passing the sea-side, she smells the muddy fragrance n guesses unmindful of Bahrain being an island nation…

However, successfully managing to keep it a surprise, we reached the restaurant (Caesar’s) wherein we had planned everything the previous evening…. not dat the surprise’ ended there. Entering it blindfolded to the merriment of all present there, v usher her into the decorated cabin and then… after some pranks here n there, finally the UNFOLDING happens!!!

First, one moment that is gonna remain etched in all our minds will be her reaction to finding out it being Caesar’s (woooh…. the ‘I dunno… no no… ek sec… khekhe itz Caesar’s Caesar’s….). Then, the gifts all came one @ a time… a b’day card addressed to her parents reading something like this…
Jenie’s a little charmer
from her childhood days
who’ll wind you round her finger
with sweet and dainty ways…

She’s an angel in pink ruffles
the star of her friends
And she’ll make her loving parents
even prouder as she grows…

She’s a dreamer and a doer
who’ll keep you in a whirl
She’ll bring you special happiness
that daring jenie girl!

Wishing you and jenie love, joy and fulfillment of every dream in the wonderful years ahead!

Then, a few others… rounded off by a cake n a soft toy 🙂 LOL Must hav been the most memorable birthday celebration I have been to… everything went by the book and the surprise element was in full measure!!!

Once over wth the celebration, the thought of parting… was getting me nostalgic. How much I wanted to be there and the possibility of me heading to someother place after my Indian sojourn made me all the more sad. But, then, frends like these 2 can never keep me off them for long… and I vowed to get bak no matter whether itz off or on business 🙂

Indian landing

Fast forwarding to the landing in India, landed safely… in one piece (now-a-days, Gulf Air has become scary) , I got into the usual grind… meetings n multitasking. For quite sometime, didn’t get to meet frends…. whom I so much missed meeting while out of Delhi. And lo’ even my disc plans went off into thin air with no one willing to give me company 😦

The weekends come and go… eventually getting to meet my best pals here. A lunch here, a dinner there, a coffee here and a movie together – objective achieved!!! After all, frends are everything…

Apart from that, nite outs @ work were the usual norm… and also meetings. Some gud stuff was happening so I had no regrets… getting to represent my firm on national committees with other firms’ top execs being there themselves. Neways, moving off the bragging part, I had one other important event to look forward to – my trip to IIML campus 🙂 Haven’t been there since graduation.

Visit to the dentist ouch…..

While the positive part was on, the painful (in literal terms) part was my oral surgery – a tooth extraction would have been bearable but then stitches in the interior realms of the mouth along with dietary restrictions jus’ worsened it up. Eventually getting over it slowly, I decided to get onto something positive… first thing was buying a new phone. Found a bakra and eventually got free of my ol’ 6270 and bought a new N72 🙂 I jus’ love it!!!!


Now for some gud things… a trip to helL – more updates in the next post!!!

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