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In the driver’s seat…

December 7, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

What has technology come to? Making people commit more sins… and break rules!!! But, can’t help it… datz life 🙂

Jus’ today morning, while rushing to office, I decided to buzz my pal… perhaps traveling time is the only best slot to talk peacefully to a person. And lo’ with her frequent curses directed at the other people on the road, our discussion veered off n on into the realm of driving experience. And to top it all, my frend was also veering between lanes more rapidly than our conversation topics (and people still talk of driving prowess).

Anyways, the point was “Is having a driving license an indicator of one’s driving prowess?” And my point was that it ain’t the case since I have been driving for so long n still don’t have a license myself (technically I do… but still I don’t – confusing eh!!!). To add to this, I haven’t ever hurt neone with my driving… Now, wen someone seeks an explanation for this no-license issue, my simple answer is:

Driving Test

See, being a teetotaler and a responsible Indian citizen, I refused to take my stage-2 of the test 🙂 LOL

Now I can exercise my ownership of this post and ban any cross-arguments esp. from the other protagonist’ side. But, keeping it fair… comments are always welcome.

  1. protagonist
    December 8, 2006 at 11:50 am

    Considering u r still on the roads behind the wheel without a license…u defenitely do not deserve to comment on the licensing exam (which u failed coz they decided to adhere to the rulz) or on my driving prowess…so thr!!

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