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helL revisited…

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Hovering @ 35,000ft over sea-level is when I can peacefully thinking of doing a recap of my recent visit to helL. Now, dat, by no means, demonstrates how bizi I am at ground level 😀 but yea, the world down there is utterly chaotic and to talk of hell, one needs to attain nirvana first. And dispelling ne thoughts of me having reached the peak of Mt. Everest to attain salvation, I am actually onboard a flight to Mumbai 🙂

Now, without wasting time on my occasional tryst with the stratosphere, here goes the narration of the 2 awesome days I spent @ L (December 2-3, 2006). More than anything, I was overwhelmed by the reception I got in campus… right from the consult facchas out to receive me in the wee hours of morning to the grace with which a few of them endeavored to make my stay pleasant and peaceful. I landed in Lucknow at around 0400hrs on Saturday… and immediately vroomed to campus. Exchanging the usual courtesies and intros, landed myself in the guest house room. Hitting the bed with the hope of catching a few winks, I found myself getting into a rewind mode… with all my 2years there coming in flashback.

Oft did I remember those very moments which undoubtedly make my IIML stay memorable forever
– those night outs [with one European exchange student ending his farewell speech with – “Guys, try sleeping at night, it is a good feeling, trust me”]
– the midnight birthday bumps [the water being splashed on you from the first floor and the cake splashing ceremony rounded off with a bumping session]
– the weekend insti parties [the view of the drunkards’ confessional antics n grooving to musik coupled with a chance to catch up on latest campus gossip]
– the dinner-time gossip @ the mess [interleaved with the next submissions, feedback on the faculty and latest stuff on sharescan]
– the Nescafe coffee sessions [either dating the ‘gorgeous’ IIMlioness’ or my group chatting away to glory in the backdrop of Radio FM 103.4]
– the CP errands [either to catch up with the outside world @ the phone booth or satisfy our palates at Sonu’s or the missed breakfasts @ the canteen]
and not to forget the blockbusters
– Tansen [for a change, nutin related to acads – masti n loads of fun]
– Index [sending the Lucknowites into a trance with our dramatic skills n wit – a balance between acads n fun – with the RG element still in]
– Manfest [the grand finale to every academic year – rock shows, quizzes, games n beautiful sights]
– the Summer of ’04 [a paid holiday to Mumbai – the first chance to experience life with all rigor]
to round it off!

This is how we hold onto things we love (and we thought you have moved on?)

Waking up at 0700hrs with no signs of having slept, I usher myself to get freshened up and be in time for breakfast. And then, Piyush Raj… one of my best buddies and mentors from campus. He was an epitome of imperturbability and intellect – enjoying his fellowship programme @ IIML with frequent merchant navy sailing trips (how much I envied those!!) and then the enthu to play jus’ bout everything and be a master @ it too 🙂 hats off to ya, Piyush. While I was on campus, he was a bachelor…. with me and a couple other frends njoying merrily all the time 🙂 Alas, he finally tied the knot with Neha – she’s such a sweet person. Done with breakfast, my thoughts went to him first… and I got him outta his sleep. He was all the more happy to receive me… and so my morning started off on a nostalgic note.

Hitting off with him for a few minutes, I rushed to a meeting of the consults to plan out the 2-day workshop session. Once done with dat, I dashed to Chintan – the faculty block. That was surprisingly the place where I spent most of my time, more than even Bodigrih – the classroom block. And the roles that warranted that were more than a student – a course representative or a student researcher or a friend. Surprisingly, I had become real gud frends with a number of faculty there n how we even kept in touch post-graduation. I find them an important source of my inspiration and energy… in my quest to achieve what I want in life. While glancing thru the names etched on the faculty board and looking for those fav profs’ names, I found God answering my prayers 🙂 Rocky himself standing behind me and putting his hand over my shoulder… turning bak, he exclaimed “Moid, wat a pleasant surprise!!!” and we handshaked… how much was I waiting for this moment… wen my fav prof himself finds me waiting there before I could locate him. I can go on n on about this prof… he is one who taught me to become a strong man (he still calls me a boy though) and learn to take life head-on. He is the person who made my 2years there fruitful with his intellect and teaching. How much I wud want to thank all my faculty there but I will be invidious by not singling out this person who’s presence itself gave many students the confidence to prod on.

With him being bizi, I jus’ managed to take 10min of his time… and then with the deal to meet on Sunday, he went off for his classes. Then, I went to the library – quite a significant place for me – a place where I spent most of my second year… among the books. Most of my frends know the story of how my term-1 results changed my outlook for the better!! And spending more time in the library was jus’ a natural follow-thru. Meeting the librarian and other staff… how often one forgets the role so many people play in one man’s success… but trust me, had one of these ppl not been around, things wudn’t have been the same.

Following the usual reunions wth ppl I knew, I generally lazed arnd the whole campus… seemed like every inch of the campus had left some memories within me. The mess where I had those specially prepared “anda bhurji”, Anna – the mess manager – who ever-willingly went out of the way to get me fruits et al during the fasting month, the Consulting Club bulletin board where I would practise my creativity once in a while, the normal bulletin board where I cud see those birthday posters n the usual MMN editions. My hostel – X – where we had most of the beyond classroom fun moments from birthdays to parties to gaming sessions to usual gossip. I cud be going on n on… maybe a book wud get it all in!!!

Wanting to do lunch at the mess, I found myself meeting Prof. Arora n he took me along to the guest house dining area and v had lunch together with him recollecting all dat he knew about me – even the fact that I am a left-hander and dat I loved soccer. Wow, that beats everyone’s memory!!!! Time for the actual vocation of the weekend… my workshop.

Starting off around 1500hrs, I was in utter bliss to see a sizeable number of people attending the session… felt too gud being on the other side and also felt a lot more responsibility towards all those sitting diligently there. Shared all my experiences…. pitched for my firm…. and then released the business case. Following the session, I cud see myself answering a number of queries… during my IIML days, I too used to get so enthused by the alumni visiting campus n sharing their wonderful experiences (jus’ dat I didn’t know how wonderful my experience has been LOL). Off with the session, I got a chance to meet the 2 of the 3 angels (on the subsequent Monday, I was left thinking whether they were indeed angels or not hehehe). Post the usual intros, we sat down for coffee and then the third angel trickled in… nopes, her silent entry was overtaken by the shouts n cries of the other two….

Reunion done… v settled down and then after some chat, they were off for some GT while I headed to play… catching Piyush, we managed to play a huge number of TT sets after which he still had the enthu to go for a volleyball match. Finishing off with it, I joined the angels for dinner (this time, not knowing that vegetarian was the decided menu for the day… wudn’t hav wanted to disappoint the veggie in the grp). Finally, managing to taste Southern Spice biryani, my staple food during the campus days… v then thought of moving to the insti party. Now, the gurls fell silent… n after some dramas, v all managed to reach the insti party scene. Non-dancers were pulled onto the dance floor with not much effect while some ppl were making inferences frm others’ actions.

Eventually, calling it a day, I trooped bak to my room @ 0130hrs and then the second round of partying happened… at the international students hostel winding up @ 0400hrs. While into all this, I had this on the back of my mind that I am gonna be required to start working on day-two of the workshop rite from 0800hrs. Managed to catch a few winks (for real this time), I got up @ 0700hrs n then, started evaluating once the submissions reached me. Hurrrying thru all that, I found myself jus’ reaching in time for the 1200hrs session. That going perfect – well-rehearsed, well-timed, well-received, the consult club joined for lunch together in celebration. 1700hrs, I realized that the angels are gonna be heading home (the two of them), so coaxed them into getting out of their lethargic spirits to get some snaps clicked. With my Canon in hand, we went n shot a number of pics – jus’ see how descriptive the captions of these snaps were – and then they dashed off to the airport for their flight bak home. How I wish, we stayed together a little longer n had some more fun!!! 🙂 Dreams are not meant to be true always…

Evening… met up with a few more profs – got invited by one for dinner but had to change it to snacks to accommodate dinner at a local guardian’s place. I finally found myself getting bak home…. after almost reliving my 2years of IIML in those 2 days…

And now having bored ya enuf, I sign off….

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