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the week that was…

December 17, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

Everyday opens up a new page in the book of one’s life!!! And mine was no different… jus’ that my bio-book seems to be becoming esoteric with every passing moment.

Neways, so many weddings and lottsa fun over the weekend, I see myself all set to usher in another unpredictable week (as one of my colleague-frend says – “even Moid doesn’t know where he’s gonna be in the next 30min!!!”) The weekend before this one was exciting with my cuz’s wedding…. 2 days and I almost collapsed with the heavy duty work I was upto. I landed there n was told about this ritual that the host family serves the guests @ the wedding. Before I cud jump in joy at the thought of technically being able to network there…. another bouncer landed up on my head –> 2500+ guests. I almost scampered for cover.  Having no other escape route, I did as told… but then eventually it wasn’t so bad. Had loads of fun… more than the wedding, it was our family reunion with all relatives trooping in from far and wide.

With all ceremonies over…. I don’t have the energy to detail out each ceremony although I have done dat to a few of my best pals… I came back to Delhi only to know that my traveling itinerary jus’ started its checklist. The next eventful wedding was my best pal, DJ’s wedding… in Gwalior. Was an amazing one again… (no details please) and after this, I had almost reached a saturation point. Jus’ cudn’t sustain myself to last that night… luckily got to sleep on my way back.

Subsequently, a few more weddings down, I also had work to catch up on… slogging started with the late nights. Friday morning, I could hear my heartbeat thanking the almighty – TGIF!!! Come saturday, was one of the most eventful and the most enjoyed weekend… gossiped, shopped, ate and walked around wth one of my very gud frends. With so much fun in the morning and the afternoon, the evening left me bored to the hilt… with nothing to do!

And if dat wasn’t enuf, sunday was bound to be another dampener… having to work all day and all night too. Somewhere, seemed like it was my time for retribution. But, God, being the ever merciful, answered my prayers n I found myself off work by 1700hrs… quickly making some plans, I went n bought a couple of books and then met up with this frend-cum-mentor of mine. Having finished our trademark walks around the campus (we usually end up walking 5-6 kms everytime we meet and still never tire of it), I got back home to a sumptuous dinner served for me. And post-dinner, I am here writing this post… with one thought lingering in my mind – the week ahead is gonna be killing.

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