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Movie Review: The Guardian

December 20, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

If action-packed blockbusters with entertaining explosions with unrealistic action sequences are not what interest you (admit you do!!!), then this is the movie to watch.
This movie is about Fischer – less simpering, brash and over-confident – getting selected to join the Coast Guard’s elite rescue swimmers. The show begins with him being confronted by his instructor ‘Senior Chief’ for shooting his mouth off during his first classroom session. This instructor is the most decorated rescue swimmer in the history of the Coast Guard with every record to his name. It reminded me of Tom Cruise’s Top Gun.

 The Guardian

The Guardian demonstrates the grit of Randall (the instructor) and his high expectations from his exclusive unit. Perhaps, this is where Hollywood movies score over others – the pure play on emotions of a different kind with very strong focus on key punch line messages (while the Bollywood movies just thrive on the love drama and family emotions to glue the viewers to their seats – was surprised to see Baabul going full show at the theatre yesterday even after all those crazy reviews).

In short, it was enormously refreshing to see a balanced mix of love angle between the recruit and his bar gurl-frend as also the instructor and his dashing wife. I would compliment the director for his brisk, unsentimental delivery as also the appropriateness of the cast. It remains to be seen whether The Guardian would do something similar for Coast Guard what Top Gun did for fighter pilots. How much we don’t speak of this arm of the defence forces, this movie sure does go a long way in showcasing the pure, selfless, occasionally foolhardy bravery of the swimmers who plunge into storm-lashed water to drag poor souls to safety (as the instructor introduces it – when the people move out of the seas, we move into it; when the hurricane destroys everyone, we move out; when the God destroys his beautiful creation, we move out!!!!)

Eventually, as you probably could have predicted, the movie descends into the sentimentality that haunts most of these movies, but in between the bathetic moments, it does deliver a sturdy popcorn movie and a few genuine thrills. Not bad for a day on the high seas.

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