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Chevy Tavera – the inside story

December 23, 2006 Leave a comment Go to comments

This is something I got to know from the horse’ mouth 🙂 Not dat I understand horse-language (bad joke, I know!!)

When Chevy Tavera was to be introduced in India, the doors – side and rear were to be made locally for economies of scale and so GM approached Maruti to make the same. However, there was a serious flaw in the die for the rear door. Whoever’s mistake it was, the provision for the handle to open the rear door was made on both the right and left sides.

By the time, people realized this blunder…. already a few crores were pumped in to the whole thing and also time investment was more significant. They decided to live with the same and now what we see is the Taveras with the rear door flaw. To cover up in the high-end version, they started using that embossed handle provision on the right side to place the version number of the vehicle (smart move I must admit).

As for graphically illustrating this issue, I tried in vain to get a snap of Tavera’s rear on the web… so thought I’d come up with something on my own.

 The Flawed Tavera Design

But, as an after-thought, I feel that we shud sue them for selling us a flawed car… there shud b some legal provision for the same. Atleast, I hope that someone high-up in GM will read this and offer me some bribe to be silent 😀 LOL  I can rethink my stand on this then!!!


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