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The Jet Experience…

Wow… Indian economy is definitely seeing a boom. Now, why this new revelation or a reaffirmation is wat must b going on in ur mind. But, I have enuf reasons… my travel from Delhi to Bangalore. Neither is it to do with Delhi nor with Bangalore… but the journey in the skies. Jet Airways –> the experience has been truly, unexpectedly amazing. Right from the usual staff courtesy to the plush seats and the in-flight entertainment with personalized AV screens. Almost seemed like traveling on an international airline 🙂

To add to my amazement, we started off right on time… inspite of the media’s crazy predictions about today being more foggy. And itz not over as yet…. v landed 5minutes before time. Can ya beat dat now? When I called up this buddy who’d jus’ last week been to Bangalore, she was calling it unfair… reason being – her flight got delayed by 3hrs. But, then she has everything to be happy about – got a free return ticket to anywhere in India –> a new year-cum-christmas lucky draw (LOL).

Now, landing in Bangalore, I found all my frends occupied for the morning… so again on some expert advice, I landed up @ Leela Palace. Sipping coffee and enjoying my trademark muffin-vanilla-chocofudge combo, I am on this post. Following this, am gonna get bak to reading 🙂 my ever-reliable companion.

So, that is to update on the last 6hrs…. sheesh, I forgot the journey to the airport from home. My driver ditched me… asked him to reach my place @ 0500hrs with the flight being @ 0630hrs. And lo’ I call him up arnd 0445hrs and no answer. What the hell…. I call up the main guy and he agrees to send someone else. And I was pretty cool… either get the flight or miss the flight – as it is, I travel so often. Now, this driver finally lands up arnd 0540hrs and by then, I had decided that am gonna be coming bak home after a visit to the airport. But, the driver… dashed off beating every signal honking his horn and where he cudn’t, he overran the signal. Eventually, 0610hrs, I troop into the airport… and rush thru the check-in. Fortunatley enough, I get my fav seat… the window seat at the emergency exit door (more legroom space for me). I was, actually, the last man to board the plane. And from there, is wat I was jus’ talking of in the above paras.

Okies then, now my vacation starts formally…. exactly 26hrs to be spent now in Bangalore and then am gonna head to Hyderabad for the Eid celebrations. While, I get on wth my weekend (an extended one), all ya hav fun… usher in the new year with huge celebrations… and me gonna miss all dat and also a lot more people (they know wat am saying)! These frends remind me of this – “Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay for awhile and leave footprints on our hearts. And we are never, ever the same”

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