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Looking back on a chilly sunday morning….

February 11, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

A winter morning in Delhi…

A beautiful winter morning,
The fog abuzz
Helping the sun’s long veil
To sweep along the empty roads
As it makes her way to the sky’s altar.

What a magical welcome
To my world of seasons
Which despite it’s extremes
Still leaves me speechless
and proud to be part of it.

Dancing water crystals twinkle,
Below an invisible curtain of crisp cold air
While bare twigs of wild flowers
Remind me of the life below
Dreaming of being reborn.

It’s a white wedding day all around
With hopes of a new shared life
Where nature has it’s hand
Stretched out towards us
Asking for a Loving life together.

Whether or not, it captures the mood of the day 🙂 it does at least get me rolling!!! And then, I hit this fundamental question… wat is it that I want from life? Happiness / Success / Money / Love / Fun / Power…. Somewhere I also see that this is not a mutually exclusive list and neither a non-overlapping one. But, then post some deep soul-searching, it boils down to one answer – HAPPINESS. Everything else – success, love, money, power – flows from that.

However, here is where I stop delving deep into this… for I just got my manager’s call. Ohhh I jus’ remembered…. today’s Promise Day as part of the “Valentine Week” and yea, if not anything, I can promise to get blogging regularly again.

Hitting on from here, I need to do a recap and reach 11-Feb-2007. How do I do it? Easy!!! Someone’s just heard about my structured thinking… and me gonna use dat now.

The last few weeks have been really bizi… with work keeping me tied down. I have been traveling here n there… multitasking on a number of client assignments as also getting to take on more responsibilities – business development, recruitments, press briefings et al. And trust me, it’s got nutin to do with it being the Appraisal Time 🙂 LOL. More killing than anything is the fact that my new office has moved over to Gurgaon and it gets really painful to travel there everyday and as if dat wasn’t enuf, I make one more trip to Delhi n bak during the day wenever a client meeting comes up.
Detouring to talk a bit of my new office, itz an amazing place… one wudnt want to move to client offices after being here. Truly stands out for a PwC kindda office. More importantly, I like it so much dat I make it a point to dress up in conformance to that…

Back home, I have had an unfortunate tragic event with the demise of my uncle (dad’s elder bro). However, with he being ill for quite long, this was in the offing… May his soul rest in peace and he find a place in heaven (Amen). My dad was a bit shattered after this… owing to the fact that my uncle was like a father-figure to him (age difference being too huge). Nevertheless, everyone has to go one day… itz jus’ dat today he went and tomorrow we wud.
Looking ahead, my parents are doing well (bizi with their work) and so are my sis and bro… been so long having had a full family reunion. This is wat globalization does to the family fabric – bro in US, sis in hostel, mom n dad @ home and me nowhere 🙂
With the first family wedding on the corner, everything looks brighter…. with our house getting a make-over and so also, the planning being in full swing. It is gonna be the biggest event in our family ever.

Having seen some of my frends getting married… only makes me realize how time flies by –> it was jus’ yesterday wen we used to look ahead for the weekends wen v used to jus’ party all day (saturday evening at Phoenix – bowling, billiards; nite at the disc – polyesther, red light, squeeze; watching movies all sunday along with some shopping). And now, we seem to have been forced to become more responsible and find ourselves growing older. Anyways, over the last month, I have had a chance to catch up with frends at Dilli Haat’s Chandni Chowk Festival, at the Gurgaon Malls, at the Office Food Court, at the Movie Halls… yea, have watched a number of movies – I See You, Babel, Blood Diamond, Salaam-e-Ishq, Guru.

So, when I look back, I see an eventful past but then considerable thought needs to be put to the future 🙂 which would decide more important things for me – where I head to, with whom and how!! But, ya dnt hav do dat thinking for me… so ya may rest in peace and njoi a wonderful weekend.

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