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Recount of the nomadic escapades…

As I sit here after the monday-blues err… sunday-blues @ work, I find myself trying hard to get myself up to write this post… itz been so long since I have last written – almost seems like a skill long lost!!!! Ahem…. nopes, well now I have so much to write that I just dunno where to start.

Neways, been on a traveling spree all arnd… hav ya heard of the “Around the world in 80 days”?? It would mean 40 days is a “record-time” to travel half the world (hmm…) Yea, that’d better be rite… coz then I do deserve to find a mention in the Guiness records…. traveling half the world in 30 days 🙂 That sums up my life at the present… wasn’t more nomadic than this ever before.

Right now, I am parked in the glittering NYC of the Middle East aka Dubai… working on too many assignments in one go has almost made me forget wat service am doing to wat nation [LOL].

Sometimes its public sector strategy while sometimes it moves to introducing taxes – can oredi see a horde of angry people running after my life (SOS). But, yea, no complaints watsoever… it has really been a great time for me esp. the last few months in PwC.

Landing in Dubai, I was welcomed by an altogether “strange” team…. a big assignment warranting 10 people but lo’ no 2 of them are from the same country wohaaaaa Belgium, France, UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Lebanon, Dubai, Singapore and yea, me from India!!! Feels like going truly global… Alas, while I cud jus’ start gearing up for this “experience” came a blow from the client… very finicky client it is (God save them!!!). Touted as one of the toughest clients (can’t share their names in public domain else I gonna not leave this country alive)… the client literally drives everyone bonkers. We are a team of 10 consultants (again a wide range… 1 Global Leader, 2 Partners, 3 Directors, 3 Principal Consultants and 1 moi… again getting the honors of being the youngest bloke arnd hehehe) but then to keep a tab on us 10 are 35 people from the client side in a 6-level hierarchy. Seems like the program office itself needs a major reengineering exercise.

Nevertheless, work has been @ its peak… all along and here I was to double my effort for reasons known to sme select few. And I could see myself seriously looking forward to the weekend… to rewind a bit. Austin, my UK counterpart, was bizi planning a drinking feast on St. Patrick’s Day! In between all this, I did hav my share of some gud moments….
1. Serge – the Belgian – sees me one day ironing my shirt in the morning and remarks “Moid, you will make a gud husband”. And I instantly replied, “Am gonna take a recco from ya!!!”
2. Dennis, the menace – the Australian – is a well-read man having got 30+ years of experience behind him. The best part about him is his recounting funny incidents from every corner of the world. One incident worth mentioning was this talk of an Australian PM speaking at some meeting, “Charles I had a wife with whom he lived happily and Australia went out of control. Charles II had a mistress too and Australia got bak into control. Now visualize wat wud hav happened if Charles III was there!!!!” (crazy people)
3. Austin – the Brit who’s primarily a Scott – has to comment on every “cheeky” gurl passing by and then has this wonderful incident when some anonymous person sent him a V-day sms. He replied bak hoping it to be some pretty blonde. Somehow, things didn’t die there and he found himself setting up a blind date last weekend. In a last ditch effort to find who that person is, he called up that number frm my fone and lo’ some crazy arab oldie respond “hello” to his frantic “who’s this?” (ROFL)
4. Recently, a US news item broadcasted a Guantanamo Bay prisoner confessing to the 9/11 attacks and then the next day, a metro ad in London showed a big news item on that with the Dubai Ruler’s photo for the prisoner… aaarrghhhhh! How did that happen? Supposedly, the prisoner’s name was Shaikh Mohammed and this jerk journo jus’ googled for the name and finding the ruler’s pic, put it on that item. Guess a fatwa is oredi on its way now!!! [LOL]

Come friday and we decided to head out for Brunch @ Lime Tree, an English Lounge… on the beach. Reaching there, we met up with Austin’s school pal, Andrews, who is now the Head of Middle East Operations for Reuters. Awesome!!!! Jus’ listening to his job roles made my mouth go dry and open in astonishment… 12 years in Reuters and he’s covered the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War, the Israel-Lebanon Conflict and then has also been spending gud times in the Bangkok streets. Amazing guy to hav been a witness to the warring time:) although he must hav given his family sleepless nights. And then, while we were still digesting his experiences while @ the same time wondering how he lives these experience, he popped sme insider info… the Iran Conflict is brewing up!!!! Eeeks…. I wudnt want dat to happen. But, I ain’t Bush in the first place 🙂

Ending Friday on a gud note… we decided to head out to the 360degree revolve lounge. Situated right deep into the Persian Gulf, this place is just awesome… a perfect view to the setting sun. But lo’ we had a major dampener…. the sun wasn’t arnd – an overcast day – and people talk of me being a harbinger of gud luck (phew)! Nevertheless, it’d provide me with gud enuf ambience for some interesting snaps and a breathtaking view taken of sme awesome private yachts. Was surely enuf to put me on a day dreaming sojourn… only to be shaken bak to reality by my swthrt!

Anyways, all in all, life has been a roller-coaster ride for me all along… but at the same time full of experiences that I can easily write a book on (Publishers… r ya listening???). However, one thing worth mentioning is the other side of my life… the off-work one… which has been sort of the balancing act for me. It is surely something that keeps me seeing the best of everything in life. And yea, lot of people to thank for this… with a special mention ofcourse. Notwithstanding this funny joke of the PwC work-life balance.

Work-Life Balance @ PwC

Looking back n forth, every day I pray for the Almighty to make me a better person… and also at the same time grant me the happiness I am wishing for. I know there is this someone who can be an answer to all those prayers… and yea not to forget, that person is a trademark of perfection. God bless that “someone” I am toking of 🙂 While I get down to planning out my working week, I can oredi see my life falling in place. Not to forget today evening’s conversation with family… with sis’ wedding coming our way soon, preparations seem to have taken a sprint!!! I so much wanna get bak home… sweet home n be with my parents n siblings.

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