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Cricket and its impending fall….

Not dat I’m a crystal ball gazer… yet I had always believed that cricket as a game had died a slow death in the past few year only to realize recently that it is still lethal for few. Never really bothering about cricket all my life (in an endeavor to promote soccer LOL), I was shaken aback with recent developments of this world cup.

The cricketing fall…

The other day, over the weekend, traveling in a cab with Austin, I came across this amazing die-hard cricket fans’ conversation Austin had with Taher, our Pakistani taxi driver. He was so passionately talking about cricket… amazing me with his memory of all the records (when he mentioned about someone making a 36 in an over and Austin saying that it was oredi done before, he corrected it to be the test record and this being the one-day record). Even 1 hour before the match was to start, he had the radio channel on… and was in a hurry to reach his place to watch it on TV. I thought it was just me coming across some crazy cricket fans…. but lo’ in the evening, I went for a stroll in the downtown and there I see these 15 odd guys standing close to a restaurant window trying to catch a glimpse of the match. Guys, gimme a break!!!

All in all, terming these people cricket fanatics, I forgot it all… until on Sunday, someone told me of Pakistan getting bowled out of the world cup by a debutant team, Ireland. And then India also losing to Bangladesh. I was like… “WTH, is it a sport of skill or a sport of luck?? I jus’ can’t see a definitive answer here!!!”

Warding it off as yet another baseless take @ cricket, I was only too well off-cricket. But alas, it jus’ acts like a yo-yo… keeps coming bak @ me. So, today morning, heard of the Paki coach, Woolmer dying… in mysterious circumstances (blood, vomit, unconscious…) Now what is gonna happen is something I dnt hav time to guess. But then, surely, it must hav caused a lot of heart breaks for the cricket crazy fans, a lot of heart attacks for the businesses piggyriding on the world cup wave, a lot of heart poundings for the debuting teams surprised by their own prowess… and above all, a strange change in dynamics in the cricketing world. But, yea, the aussies still seem to have luck on their side… and seem all set to win the Cup!!! I can oredi see this sport turning into a F1 monopoly… thankgoodness I had no prior interest in cricket else I wud hav lost yet another sport to this unsportive developments.

Aaaarghhhhhh……… why did I start writing on this issue in the first place??? NO ANSWER!!! But, guess, a gud way to get some cricket lovers bak in my guest list.

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