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Listening to the wind chimes…

Some people say that the best way to escape (at least it will make you feel like it) from the notorious muggy summer is to listen to furin (wind chimes) tinkle in the evening with a cold drink. But yea, I go ahead n listen to it even in the mornings and even when the summer hasn’t arrived as yet… didn’t I? [LOL]

How do I explain what life is when I live life without an answer to what is it not?

Nevertheless I still try my hand @ answering both…

Life is not to be an unrelenting chain of activities which we get so engrossed in each day that life just passes by without we living it!

Life is actually like a wind… a pleasant n wholesome wind that brings warmth and life to everyone who receives it yet there is always this challenge of knowing when itz coming and when itz going.

Living life or not???

This seems to be my attempt to bring some structure to a flurry of thoughts streaking my cerebral lobes… since the last few hours. And then the wind chimes added that music to these words!!! Seems like me gonna stick arnd in this place for another 10 more days… in that never-ending pursuit of client bliss (God save the world from the consultants!!!!)

One thing I have seriously hated about this place is…. the surmounting costs of telephony. Almost made me a pauper in 10 days 🙂 had it not been for the saviour who took me out of this state of penury [LOL] Nah, dnt start thinking dat only the Sultan of Brunei can stay here…. it was jus’ me trying to add that “masala” to the whole thing!!!

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