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Time to jump into the playground…

Today morning, rushing to my client office, I had Austin really make me sweat… standing calmly at the pavement for the signal to turn green for us to walk across the road, seeing the next set of cars at a distance, he made a dash for the other side!!! I was somehow lost in someone’s thoughts… and found myself running behind him only to realize that I was being just-on-time 🙂

Anyways, that wasn’t so scary or wasn’t something I wud term a narrow escape… but then our discussion then drifted to fitness with he proclaiming himself to be more fit than me… even with some 11 years between us. I found myself recounting my past… the soccer practice (morning job n some stretching exercises followed by 5 100mtr sprints…. and then another 45min play). I remained absolutely fit… although my mom found my weight on the downside. She panicked so much dat one day I found myself cornered, “You eat so much beta… where does it all go? You jus’ dont put on weight.” I excused myself for not being a doctor to figure than out. But, then the next round of interrogations really got me dizzy…. “I hope ya ain’t doing bad things like drugs n all!”

I almost heard myself telling mom…. “My dear momma, I am much above all these things [LOL]”. However, recounting all this made me rethink of wat life has become. Leave alone a daily trip on the treadmill, I end up walking less than 20minutes… all thru my day! But, didn’t someone say, a well-rounded paunch is a sign of prosperity 😀 But, then wat is prosperity of use when you don’t have a gurl to use that prosperity for… hehehe.

Problem with me or my computer?

Anyways talking of fitness, I was almost off around post-noon when… all of a sudden, I found my screen flickering rapidly. Now I cannot go on ne further…. at the risk of scaring my loved ones!!!

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