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… the silver jubilee celebrations

Early morning, I woke up to this sms from my sweet lil’ sis…
Many happy returns of the day,
Birthday blessings today seem to be in trend,
With warmest of all special wishes for everyday,
I wish you a very happy 25th birthday!

That’s when I’d realize that… today marks the end and beginning of so many things. Of all these, it marks the end of a crazy prediction (cannot call it prophecy) I have been living with in the last 20 odd years. I found myself praying to God in thanksgiving for all the wonderful times He’s blessed me with as also all the wonderful people around me…

Birthdays somehow end up being a true test of frendship… so do people believe! But, I have my best pals who don’t hav to remember it ‘coz they just dn’t forget it 🙂 And yea, the rest of my pals have orkut for their diaries.

Yesterday night, I ended up working late… and then had to rush to the party being thrown up @ my hotel apartment… just that I was not playing the “host” 🙂 But, then the drinks were on when I landed… so not much was lost. The best part about the rest of the evening was the compliment received from my Global Tax Leader @ PwC…. She seemed to have been “amazed” at how the output was so gud even without me having a taxation background… and that was promptly followed by a hint @ poaching me for their to-be-formed Tax Reforms Practice. It surely does make one feel gud about it… all the more when Finance is something I never saw myself excelling in!!

Off with the party… after some brief entertainment by Sheikh Serge at his mimicing best 🙂 and then Austin with his “my dear” antics… I saw them off at the door. Getting bak, it was time for the IST celebrations when I technically turned 25! Got wishes from my best pals… and then was waiting for the local clock to strike twelve. Had a long conversation with family and then it was time to remember God and thank Him for all the niceties He’s showered on me.


Tears rolling down, I wished happiness for all the best people in my life… my family, my closest pals and myself 🙂 Special prayers followed for a select few of them even. Sometimes, it makes me wonder about the rationale of God putting emotions in us mortals. As if it weren’t enuf, I always find myself stretching others’ emotions… which I have no right to do. I realize this and then decide to mend my ways… but then this stupid mind-n-heart combination of mine makes me selfish enuf to seek good for myself. Nevertheless, my resolve to become a better person with every day continues… and hope to have God’s blessings all along the way.

Much as I would like to name each one, my heartiest thanks goes to all the numerous frends n “foes” who have managed to remember my birthday and have wished me… thanks also to those who are yet to wish me but will do so in the next 16hrs left for the day to end 🙂 And yea, thanks to even those who don’t remember it… for they still remain the frends they are meant to be!

  1. April 10, 2007 at 12:52 pm

    Many happy returns of the day! I guess I just made to the first category…

    “thanks also to those who are yet to wish me but will do so in the next 16hrs left for the day to end And yea, thanks to even those who don’t remember it…”

  2. April 10, 2007 at 2:56 pm

    @ Shujath

    Thanks dude. You sure do make it to the first one… one thing I have always associated wth ya is ur memory of birthdays 🙂 Ya haven’t missed ne of my birthdays since engineering!!!

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