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The Arian update….

Seems like eternity since I last wrote a post on the blog… but alas, doesn’t it give ne hint to my Manager dat am fully loaded with work 🙂

However, the last few days or perhaps the last couple of weeks has seen my life do a roller-coaster ride… both on the professional and the personal front! Taking the professional front, it was so heartening to receive that letter from the HR head stating that I have got a 1-rating in my annual performance assessment…. seems like a reward “well-deserved” for all the hard work done.

Neways, keeping the detailing to myself, I can now easily talk of the amazing time I’ve had in Dubai… sitting and working with a global team… each of whom brought his/her own eccentricities to the table. Every day was like a victory parade… not because of major strides achieved but ‘coz my deliverables had this 1-day expiry tag 😀 absolutely screwed me up big time. I was often left wondering on how someone cud b so inhumane… and dat wat on earth am I slogging so much for? Answers to either of these questions are trivial [LOL]. Everyone knows wat their mottos in life are… I, for one, have this perpetual answer to all this.. am a born yo-yo… how much ever this life brings me down, am gonna spring up bak with double force.

Having completed my stint there, I traveled another 1hr timezone just to get my visa stampled 😀 What has this world come to…. Thomas Freidman boasts of Globalization and dat too v3.0… seems like am still seeing remnants of v0.0001 here 😀 If people always had a problem with faking of passport or of not being able to make it electronic, they can easily leverage technology in inserting electronic chips into the human hand or any other body part… and then keeping a tab on their profiles!!!! Who said ya needed a Newton or an Einstein to figure this out????

Done with this work as well, I trooped bak home to where my heart is…now I ain’t giving ne hints 😉 It is always gud to be bak home… this time it was the fact that I was so bugged up with eating outside food… dat I longed to eat my mom-cooked food 🙂 Eventually, having spent some amazing time in Delhi… on an “academic” exercise, I landed in Hyderabad… and the entry resolution was “I am gonna learn cooking!” Could see everyone laughing around me with the grin bigger than when in a circus [LOL]…. who cares? Eventually, I managed to fulfil my first resolution errrr… first fulfilment of my resolution 🙂 I learnt cooking 3 dishes… having managed to see my family survive the lunch today!

Had a gud time at home… enjoying home food, relaxing a bit, slogging out in planning for my sis’ wedding… and then the ever-ringing fone. Got to spend some quality time with mom introducing her to my life’s “bestest” facets and also some hand @ football with my cousins 😀

As I sit and write this post in the aircraft (seems like I blog only in air LOL), life seems like one crazy thing… with me having lost one important aspect of my life… no doubt, itz given birth to an altogether new aspect, but then ol’ times are always missed!!! In this particular case, itz been more than nething else… so much so dat I wud have given nething to have this aspect of my life remain intact forever!

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