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T^3: The Testing Times…

Life is never complete without its share of ups and downs… These days, am reading “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” and all I see written all over the pages of this book is that world has taken a demonic turn!

The same person who played a first-hand role in demolishing LDC economies now admits guilt as a means of repentance… but isn’t it so weird that you first do an irreversible damage n then apologize profusely.

Anyways, taking off on a similar note and examining our own lives in retrospect, we ain’t any better. Come to see, there are so many moments in our lives, when we ain’t sensitive to others’ feelings and go harakiri with our one-sided agendas. And then, we assure ourselves of “sorry” being there to cover it all up.

Of late, when I hit the sack every night, I tend to spend a few minutes rewinding to that day’s morning n doing a run-through of the whole day to see where I erred and where I didn’t. It has been my mom’s insistence that I always do this… and also thank God for having seen another day (after all, ya never know kal ho na ho). Also, she goes to lengths to even ask me to remember all those close to me… by their names and pray for them. In matters of wisdom and character, always look up to people who have excelled in that… and desire to be there. However, in all other matters of happiness, abundance, life, look at those people who are deprived of even that and thank God for His blessings.

I take every moment in this world to be part of one big test… an examination to test our strength, our character, our personality… in a manner which would put even the best designed tests to shame. And to add on to this, I have also come to believe in the deed-based reward-punish concept…

It is all these moments in life… where one should endeavor to spend in the best possible way whereby it brings happiness to oneself and all others around. And more importantly, to the people who matter the most to me – my family and frends. In the last few days, my testing times were more rigorous… but at the end of it all, I have come out victorious with a decision that may do good to everyone around at the expense of my happiness. But then, I would only patiently wait for time to change the course of the wind… wherein we take all around us as one of us and work together in a cohesive manner for the betterment of mankind.

All in all, one needs to understand that every second of life is a test… so always think that Someone up there is looking to see what path we tread… and on the basis of that, reward or punish us. Then only can this place be a wonderful place for everyone to live and enjoy moments of bliss all through. To this should be everyone’s endeavor.

Reminds me of my words… which I had written for an essay writing competition on “My Ambition in Life” way back in class 7: “My dream is to be remembered, not for my human frailties or mannerisms, but for something I did, something I achieved, something that touched the lives of total strangers!”

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