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Presidency and the Urban Indian Desire

Today morning, reading the newspaper… I saw this article regarding “deciding Kalam’s successor…” on the net. Curious to the hilt, I read thru the complete article and then saw a horde of names… as prospective candidates.

Indian President

However, one major thing that hits me hard is that… these people, the so-called “electoral college”, have been spending all the time rattling out names and then doing a survival test for them. But, one thing that they seem to have forgotten is… to define the job description of the President.

Drawing on from the corporate experience, I have come to realize that neither will the decision makers nor the candidate himself will be able to do justice to the role in question… unless the JD is clearly defined. Perhaps, that will atleast narrow down the options to a sensible few.

Going by the way this selection is going and has been going on in the past, I wudn’t be surprised if there has been a huge war in favor of a person only to realize that this person is not eligible 🙂 Anything can happen with our Indian politicians. And then talking of presidency, it ain’t a joke like any other political role… the President is the face of the nation and has to reflect most, if not all, of the sentiments of the Indian populace. One doesn’t have to be too non-political and neither shud one be too political. It has to be a balanced mix of both. In no way am I questioning how good or bad a potential candidate is… but then a good person may not be the best person for a particular role.

And now, if someone were to ask my recommendation – the Urban Indian Desire – I would seriously suggest considering the current President for a re-election…. primarily coz though nutin great has happened with him around at the helm, but at the end of it all, nutin bad has also happened 🙂

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