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Jiving to the beats of trance…

Having always been font of trance “techno”, I wasn’t surprised when I picked up yet another mp3 of the latest music… and now I don’t need to go on an ethics trip on how one needs to discourage piracy. Can’t help buying these stuff with the music companies out to fleece us out… of every penny.

In any normal circumstances, if a person were to be given a choice of getting something for free, the same thing for 10 bucks and then the same damn thing for 300 bucks… wat wud he do in all sanity? If I were this person, I did take the second option as a mark of paying the musician n his croonies the worth for their effort.

And to top it all, wenever I visit theatres in India, they screen this crazy ad… promoting anti-piracy campaigns… the usual game of blaming everyone in the world and not retrospect themselves.

Anyways, enough of gyan session… rite now am jiving to this music! Interesting lyrics… ahem


Here we stand
You say I haven’t changed
But I can hide my tears
Like crying in the rain
Then you raise a smile
That touches deep inside
For when you feel there’s hope
It’s hard to keep your pride.

See baby if I had the chance to
I would always choose you
Even though I know you’ll break my heart
I’m tired of being lonely
So baby won’t you hold me
Coz I don’t wanna lose your love again.

You’d better close the door
And step into the light
My eyes shine brightly, once more
Like candles in the night
Standing face to face
Open arms they shall embrace you
But in my dreams I’ll keep the fears of knowing
One day like before, I could lose you.

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