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The Global Confession Cauldron

Just as I was about to hit the sack, this mail landed in my inbox from Qavi…. “As you mention in the Arian update, the realities of impact on individuals is vivid in your subsequent mails. You seem to have become little more philosophical than you were.

He was referring to my blog post “The Arian Update”!

However, no denying that I’d indeed turned philosophical, I realized that this moi’philosophy has now gradually transformed to objectivity – a realistic view to everything. Nevertheless, hitting me more than this comment was the subsequent one… the Confessions of an Economic Hit Man!

The Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

This book, with the same title, has always kept me wondering on how I figure in this whole maze of deceit and power. Now, Qavi had this to say… “I liked that book very much. It was ironical that I was reading this book on my way to collect my visa for Netherlands for joining at Shell. Ever since, I have advocated to everyone working in my industry of how bad this industry is.

Economic Hit Men are highly paid professionals who cheat developing countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. They funnel money from the World Bank, the US Agency for International Development, IMF and other foreign aid agencies into the coffers of huge corporations and the coffers of a few wealthy who control the planet’s natural resources. Their tools include fraudulent financial reports, manipulated economic growth projections and fake development agendas.

I should know, I am also an EHM-in-the-making.

Wooooohhhh…. everyone seems to be sailing in the same boat – all EHMs of the highest order. I too find myself playing the role of an EHM-in-the-making in most of my work that I am doing. Now a days, every advisory engagement I embark on with a government client makes me circumspect… it has all become an international corporate skullduggery!

My pal (quoted above) works with Shell leading them in their oil exploration… and going by our basic knowledge, I can see that he’s sub-consciously entered into the garb of an EHM (no offence meant… but that is how life is). Must admit, these people do put in all that hardwork which most cannot imagine… just hoping that when he reaches the top echelons of his organization, he would be able to steer it in the direction he sees sense in!

And now coming to me, little did I realize this angle when most of my consulting engagements are funded by one of these so-called “international agencies”. And to take things to the next level, the current engagement entails developing framework based on IMF guidelines to estimate economic growth indicators, determine national development indices and various other socio-economic indicators. Now, it doesn’t need any rocket scientist to figure out what this is all about… simply put, itz my client playing into the hands of powers-to-be.

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