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Believing is achieving…

Don’t have too many high hopes!
Has this ever been said to you or have you ever said the same to anybody before?

I truly agree that this is just a reality check often done with the purest of intentions. It is in all sensibilities that one should tread any path cautiously, warily, and aim at under-committing and over-delivering! But, no way should this limit your hope… everything hinges on hope for mankind. Go through life with hope and you will grow through life!

And if one delves a little more into the details of the oft-heard “don’t get your hopes up” sermon, what one seems is that, every human mind leans towards pessimism. Before venturing into any terrain, it is often the failure, limitations or shortcomings that are thought of… and not the prospects of success, achievement. The basic problem lies in one’s BELIEF!

That is where, I opine that the best way is to shield yourself from this pessimism and look at the impending success in a positive way. Why should you be positive? Because if this wasn’t meant for you, eventually something better is! And more importantly, one beautiful thing is that the seedling of what is truly meant for you probably lies within the realms of your perceptions of failure. So, get going high on the hopes front… scout around for those seeds, nourish them and thank Almighty for all that you have….


… and the next time you face a similar situation, just keep ur heads up and roll on with hope! Don’t worry, be happy!!!

To round it all off, a positive affirmation of all dat I had to say above can be summed up in a few lines:

My thoughts can only contain success.
My eyes can only see success.
My ears can only hear success.
My hands can only prepare for success.
This is the secret to why I achieve only success.

As a testimony to what all I wrote above, one would have witnessed the way the Argentine holy trinity of Messi, Tevez and Riquelme were nailed to the cross, as if it were, by the Samba magic as the Brazilians routed them…. and what did Brazil have – not their best team but sheer grit and determination to win!!!! I rest my case here 🙂

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