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Changing gears in life…

September 24, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

There is always so much to learn from life. I think the only milestone that can stop your learning process is death. There is this stage in life when all you see are the myriad hues of positivity… everything seems to be going on a roll. This is the time when you have no regrets and no complaints.

The gears of life…All of a sudden, the gears suddenly change and so does the track on this road of life… lo’ u find yourself stranded for lack of fuel to prod along. You suddenly end up questioning all the past events in your life and the reason behind them… am sure, there was always some larger good that God had in mind when He made those happen. But, then, if you are a lesser mortal, u will just fail to see that reason [SOS]

Somehow, the same life that seemed so much in your control… suddenly seems to be dependent on all other people in your life… from your family and frends to your distant colleagues and those pesty neighbors. You suddenly see that every step in life is remote-controlled by all those people – good and bad – around you! And what… the gears have changed again – only that this time, it was forced upon u!

It is this very moment when you just feel like giving up the steering wheel and letting everything takes it natural course… withholding urself from doing things that u wud have normally done… look for alternatives to those moments that were all you had to boast of until then.

Every night when u hit the sack, u wonder what has life come to… is it all happening for some “larger good” or is it some test u r going thru. But, one thing stands out clear… never lose ur fundamentals and always cherish all those moments that make u who u are today! But, yea, one question still remains unanswered… “when will God answer my prayers?”

In response to this, one wise man has said that… God only answers our prayers when He has to punish us!

Life is not a problem to be solved, but a gift to be enjoyed

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