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Often, this very term sends shivers down the spine of anyone… irrespective of what fear they are confronted with!!

Today morning, on my way to the airport, I was suddenly confronted with a horrific sight… bodies of a couple strewn over the road –> a hit-and-run case. Aargh! How the hell can someone be so inhumane to do that and then not even inform the authorities. Look who’s complaining? Even the other people traveling on that road seem to just steer clear of the bodies but not stop. And I was also one of those “other people” 😦 I stopped the car right near the scene and considered calling the cops. However, I decided against it thinking of the consequences… and what was it. I had some fear in me… which made me do that.

Again, there have been numerous instances in history and then in the present era of people being classified as “fearless”. I personally opine that there is no such word as fearless. Every mortal living who has or will walk this planet will have some or the other fear within. The whole sense of mortality is based on fear… the fear of being mortal.

I found it prudent to do a reality check @ this point in time… and thought of jotting down all the fears that I have come across, either in me or others around me. So, here I go…

– Fear of death (which obviously is the advanced stage of fear of sickness / accident…)
– Fear of non-fatal disability

– Fear of losing the job
– Fear of losing a professional position
– Fear of going bankrupt
– Fear of losing the career itself

– Fear of rejection in love
– Fear of societal status
– Fear of infertility
– Fear of family member’s death

– Fear of global warming, tsunami, earthquake
– Fear of war
– Fear of an economic crisis
– Fear of disease outbreak

This might not be an absolutely comprehensive list… however, one thing that I notice in all this is that, the most common fear either directly / indirectly is FEAR OF DEATH. 70-80% of the fears I have jotten down somewhere lead to death. And lo’, every mortal is bound to die… What about u? Do you fear your death… ??

I really don’t know if this fear can ever be overcome… everyone should accep the fact that they have to die one day or the other. Only thing in our hands w.r.t death is to prepare for it… how?? Most, if not all the religions, have always preached the concept of good deeds vs. bad deeds. I also personally believe in that… and in that very context, preparation for death is to have a positive weight in the deed balance… Being mortal, we indulge in all good and bad things… but then, a little sense of death will keep us from going astray and will ensure that we atleast focus always on doing good deeds. And this is where, being humane also counts. (circular loop… started from this very thing and ended up at the same thing)

This gets me to the oft-referred quote that I had written way back in Class 7 for an essay writing competition on the topic “My ambition in life”. It goes like… “My dream is to be remembered, not for my frailties or human mannerisms, but for something I did, something I achieved, something that touched the lives of totally different strangers”.

And I sincerely wish and pray that the Almighty helps me live to that very dream I saw for myself 🙂 Amen!

  1. Shahina
    October 24, 2007 at 8:01 pm

    thats true….no one is fearless…but u missed one important fear…that is fear of speech…public speaking…i guess apart from death this is one area where people fear most..!!!!

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