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The “Bush-Mush” Coterie

November 5, 2007 Leave a comment Go to comments

I’m sure u know what this article is about… the BREAKING NEWS of Emergency in Pakistan!!!

Some of the reactions we see after this new development:

1. India condemning the second coup

2. Indian media making it a breaking news with Barkha Dutt directly talking live to all those against the emergency

3. Life in Pakistan goes off-balance with it resembling a war zone

4. “International” community (sometimes itz the Bush lobby or sometimes the Rest of the World lobby depending on who the mastermind is) speaks against the emergency

5.  People try all means to exaggerate and speak out against it… some prominent people shout atop their vocal chords knowing very well that the next day is gonna be in prison

6. “Advocates” of peace find another avenue to garner publicity

7. Depending on US’ stance, the media turns towards/against the emergency

8. The whole issue dies a silent death with no action taken for or against it

Life is all normal then… and people forget what had happened in that period of time… the arrests, the deaths, the discomfort… and all the unwarranted stuff created by the golden polygon (shape changes with every development depending on the number of parties siding with US).

Bush-Mush sisterhood

And so the Bush-Mush sisterhood continues for all to see!!!

  1. Adil
    January 3, 2008 at 2:57 pm

    U r an Indian I guess…. U may desperately want to go the US…. half ur family is probably there and u want to comment against these two countries…. forgeting whatever nonsense is happening in Pak…. isnt this blind support that is common amongst most of us….

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