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U don’t need to be 18 to get a “License to Kill”

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The first time I heard of the term “license” was when someone spoke about driving license as I started learning how to ride a bike while in my primary school. My parents took adequate measures to restrict my bike-riding to just the home and surrounding bylanes. Only later, when license became a part of my vocabulary did I come across another license – arms license. Little did I know that this saga would extend much beyond… and the world got gifted with the “killing license”.
License to Kill

It would have been acceptable if this license was for sensible people… who are out to do some good to the world. But, then this seems to have gone the other way round… extremists and now children. This is really scary now!!! For me, children have always been as unpredictable as any dog can be… and hence the FEAR FACTOR!

Who is responsible when things go wrong in the children’ world??

From my own life and of children around me, I have realized that children are natural imitators… watching and subconsciously mimicking the elders around them! And one basic step in any action of theirs is – APPROVAL FROM ELDERS. So, when we see the very same “innocent” children being mentioned in the same breath as extremists, the elder generation is entirely to blame.

If one were to examine as to where things went wrong… a number of things come to fore:
1. It is adults who develop computer games aimed at creating that ruthlessness and killing fetish in a virtual scenario
2. It is adults who perpetrate crime around the world in different ways and means
3. It is adults who pressurise children into outperforming their peers – academics, sports, blah blah
4. It is adults who manage the visual media and newspapers that ONLY puts crimes, violence as the headlines
5. It is adults who create social differences which manifest into negative attitude which might translate into aggressive behavior
6. It is adults who pass on values and provide role models which incite children into doing such actions
… the list is endless

But, what necessarily stands out is the failure of the society, failure of the parental values, and failure of adults to distinguish between firmness and inflexibility –> all signs of gradual dehumanization of the civil society itself!

Now, this is what is in front of us… how do we handle this new challenge?

It ain’t a simple quick-fix solution but a time-taking process of the adult generation (hereafter referred to as “ourselves”) transforming and also the coming generations 🙂 The best way to go about is to question ourselves about the things we profess…
1. Understand the various touch points a child may have during his/her formative years – school (teachers, batchmates), home (parents, close relations, neighbors), others (housekeepers, drivers and the like)
2. Identify the level of the child’s association with each of these touch points
3. Examine how each of these touch points behave (case-by-case evaluation)
4. Decide on whether to continue with that particular touch point or keep the child away
5. Do the balancing act… leave some learning to come from each of the touch points
6. Continuously monitor and take adequate measures to correct the child wherever necessary (e.g. if the teachers teach about competition, performance, results, the parents can teach about camaraderie, compassion and goodwill)

This formula will work… and am sure because I stand not on the side of the adults or of the children… but am on the boundary between them. This gives me a good sense of what each of these stakeholders want and what each of them can do!

Let’s together make this world a better place to live in!

  1. December 23, 2007 at 1:18 pm

    cool blog brother…

  2. December 23, 2007 at 3:20 pm

    @ Arjun

    Thanks friend! And ur blog isn’t any less wonderful 🙂 I liked the “missed calls” one and then the succinct Nokia N95 post. Perhaps I shud re-evaluate my wish for an E90. Way to go dude!!!

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