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Queue kyun?

This is not me playing with homonyms… words sounding the same. However, what am focusing on is the latest menace in the Indian sub-continent.

The Q FactorRight from the time I stepped out of the aircraft… queue never left me till I got back into the aircraft! You might find it exaggerating but here is what I have been thru…. rushing out the aircraft, I land in the queue @ the immigration counter and then once the dreaded thing is taken care of, I flock to the baggage claim belt and there the crowd is so much that I cudn’t get hold of a space in the front of the conveyor belt… and had to stand behind a person waiting for him to take his baggage and move out before I can get in sight of the baggage…

Once this is done, there is queue at the customs waiting to take the immigration receipt… then another line @ the pre-paid taxi counter…. and then wen in the car, queue / line at every traffic junction all thru (I was already choking and was looking to move into the country side only to get off this overdose). Back in the hotel, thankfully, it is not the case (how did this place escape the Q? kyun?) Back in office, a wait at the lift lobby and then another one @ the cafetaria during lunch time…. and wen it is time to get back to traveling…. aawww this nightmare comes with a renewed rigor.

At the entrance to the airport, standing in line to get ur tickets verified, then baggage screening, then ur visa verified, then checking in… all of them have this inherent Q-factor. And then it doesn’t stop there… immigration –> security check. Alas, have got just one more queue to pass (the line to board the flight from the aerobridge). I am almost panting for some fresh air and some personal space… off I run to the Nescafe shop in the waiting lounge to grab a snack…. and lo’ the Q welcomes me yet again (Ohhhh nooooooo).

Then I meet this Canadian gentleman… who asks me…. as to how I have come to live in these queues! I say… the Q-factor is congenial. And to top it all, we have knowledge of every way to break this queue… more on this in some other post!!!

There are a lot more posts waiting in Q to get posted here 🙂 LOL

  1. January 8, 2008 at 10:52 am

    That’s one good sum up on the Q-factor. Hey you are in India..u gotta learn to queue up for everything..
    Looking forward to your posts waiting in Q!! 🙂

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