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Getting the complete picture…

the complete pictureIn this famous parable of the elephant and the six blind men, each of them describes only the part of the elephant that he can touch. The one who feels its tail thinks it to be a rope; to another, the trunk seems like a plough. Their inferences are not wrong, yet none of them perceives the elephant in its entirety. The moral of this is not that parochial views are unreliable but that all reasonable perspectives deserve respect.

Translating the same lesson into the business world, when it comes to matters of growth and risk, it is surprising to see that the corporate honchos around the world are not in agreement on the growth opportunities and the risk factors. However, it isn’t a divergence ‘coz of lack of foreknowledge but a case of different perspectives bothering them.

The problem with this scenario is that in the business executives’ quest to resolve more pressing issues relevant to their business / sector / industry, they are losing out on the big picture…. while business issues like the challenges from emerging markets and the surging energy demand are paramount, even issues like global warming and global geopolitical stability are equally important.

It is important for all business executives to explore the whole elephant with interest in their ongoing quest for growth.

  1. Muazzam Sayeed
    March 8, 2008 at 1:01 pm

    This post seems like a concise response to convesations… perhaps a polite way of hinting @ me 😀

    i wish the story also mentioned how in da world can the poor men get a look @ the complete elephant from down there?

    Perhaps its in the secret chambers @ Bilderburg that they know how to make the elephant dance 🙂

    Since there hasn’t been any formal denial of my earlier suggestion, i intend to keep a close watch on the upcoming posts 😉

  2. March 8, 2008 at 1:09 pm

    @ Muazzam

    The whole world lives in utter uncertainty… so adding another dimension to that wudn’t change things much.

    I guess elephants are presently for private viewing only… we will have to wait before it reaches out to the masses!

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