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Testimonial… wow!!

This was a testimonial I received today morning… from Muazzam, a very good frend of mine!! 🙂 It got me rolling on the floor… Here it is:

There’s been a new addiction to the list of addictions. Based on the latest .net technology by microsoft its been appropriately named Moidomania.net.

The following are its symptoms.
1. You wake up @ 3 a.m and like normal net addicts check for any new email / offline notifications. How ever u don’t find Moid online and start trouble shooting your browser and im messenger settings.
2. renditions.wordpress.com is your home page.
3. you keep checking for the latest comments n updates on the blog.
4. u begin ur day replying to salaam from Moid.
5. you start planning for a back up and alternatives in case Moid’s not online after he ties the knot.
6. you realize that your starting to cross the acceptable limits of sanity about this issue.
7. since you’ve realised this problem is getting critical u email moid for help, requesting him to suggest for possible solutions to the problem

Being a consultant, I can suggest options and the discretion of deciding what option to go with is others’ choice. As for backups and alternatives, the world has advanced a lot to provide us an answer for everything… and so this problem also doesn’t go without solutions… cloning, robots, artificial intelligent chatting machine! Take ur pick 🙂

  1. March 14, 2008 at 9:43 pm

    Yeah, I can relate to him…although I am a li’l more busy 🙂

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