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My Great American Expectation

With the US Presidential Elections reaching the last leg… it is turning out to be no less than a suspense thriller and everyone’s glued to their seats!!! Often when my thought goes towards it, the result is utter indifference. However, having seen this news item pop up every time I look at a news page, I decided to rethink my reaction… and lo’ born there was “My Great American Expectation”.

Though I ain’t an American citizen / GC holder / resident… and that I ain’t any neighbor (residing 7-seas across), yet it is surprising to see me having expectations from the US Presidency. And on deep thoughts, the one line expectation I come up with is “I wish the next US Presidency to follow a simple principle of fairness and peaceful coexistence with extreme sense of integrity and honesty”.

Not in the least would I wanna get into unfolding the negative past of the US hegemony… be it the middle east crisis, guanto tortures, partisan attitude towards some vested interests. There is always a chance to turn over a new leaf… only that for US, they have to work extra towards undoing all the wrong doings.

Super-power, in the new millennium, doesn’t come from highhandedness, cruel suppression of contrasting voices and rules varying as per convenience. For a normal global citizen like me… for who all that matters is peace and unrestricted borders… and practicing my personal beliefs with no fear…. super-power is all about facilitating the global interests of world peace, clean environment, positive collaboration and unity in diversity. And more importantly, leave the divergent economies to be taken care of by the “unbiased” international groups… through global consensus with no forceful disposition.

Can I realize my dream of seeing my Great American Expectations fulfilled? Who can do it for me?

…. I guess time will only unfold what happens to my expectations –> flower bouquet or a wreath!

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