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Seat reservation made easy!!!

Person 1: “Have you reserved your seat?”

Person 2: “Huh? My theater seat? Ohhh u asking about my summer holidays’ railway reservation?”

Person 1: “Ohhh no yaar. I am not a railway TTE from lalu-land asking for ur ticket. And neither am the cinema ticket collector or a hotel steward or an airline executive asking you to show your reservation!!!”

Welcome to “Reservation Land”… aka the Disney Land!!!

While airlines are keeping reservations on tenter hooks with their never-ending hikes… there is yet another problem plaguing India – the new “Reservations” era. Everyone seems to in a frenzy to get their groups included in the reserved category. So much so that the reservation quota seems to be surpassing the general quota. I guess, the only thing left is to see the general category people also asking for general category reservation… citing reverse-discrimination.

Now where did I get the post title from….
My inspiration was this book titled, “Word power made easy” –> enhance your vocabulary in 30 days!
So, here goes this, “Seat reservation made easy” –> enhance your job n admission prospects in 30 days!

Not that am against reservations… my only problem is with the logic being applied to implement reservation. And to add to our woes, the mediocre polity we have been blessed with is making things worse. For them, reservations means vote banks. After all, most of them being uneducated, don’t even understand the dictionary definition of “reservation” leave alone the consequences of implementing such. And to top it all, some groups have even resorted to violent means and threats to get themselves included. Only shows the depths our democracy has fallen to.

The India of today represents an intriguing and scary scenario where on one end, the pulsating heart of India is earnestly working towards zooming forward while on the other end, the brakes of the mediocre polity are impeding this march. No wonder, Lincoln has stated rightly that a nation only gets a government it deserves. Are we saying we are so much in peril… no, India certainly deserves a better polity. Something has to be done to cure the Indian polity of this regular itch to play such dubious games which only fragment India across social and economic lines. And for this to happen, what we need is the common educated man to empower oneself and ensure their political relevance to counter the election-driven vote banks and avoid getting ignored.

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