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Repainting the global landscape…

Global Warming | Energy Crisis | Social Change | Growing Economies | Private Sector Surge | Increasing Individual Wealth | Change in Public Attitude | Increasing incidence of HIV AIDS | Changing Population Equations | Political Transformation | Dwindling Animal Diversity… where are we heading?

The new millenium has seen some rapid, often unexpected changes… across the spectrum that a human mind can scan through. Not that these changes are actually truly new or different. All through my 26 years of existence, I have been a witness to this “global crisis facing the world” scares and it wasn’t even concentrated on one aspect… the ozone layer hole, the oil prices, the war, the tsunami, the fall of world peace… and so on! But then I get reminded of my consulting orientation where I was taught behind all the client issues is one root problem that all these issues owe their existence to… So when we look at all of these issues @ hand from a neutral n objective perspective, the only root problem I can come up with is – humans’ sheer indifference to change and our mediocre polity out to exploit this indifference.

Is this indifference a relatively new transformation? NO… this has long been there in our genes but it’s just that we have continued with it even when we needed to rub the paint brush the other way… on the changing landscape.

There is no point in finger-pointing at who the culprits are… wouldn’t serve any purpose for me and you readers alike. So, rather we move to the next step… atleast make an attempt… of finding out what we as mere mortals can do. Can we do something?

My father was often mowed down during his stint in the Indian bureaucracy saying that – “you are just one cog in the wheel and hence no power to steer the wheel” – but then he realized the myth factor in it and went ahead to do as his conscience guided him. Today, post his retirement, what he has gained is not a fat bank account or not a huge mansion, but sincere respect from his well-wishers and foes alike. His sincerity was so impeccable that one political top honcho actually confessed to him – “doctor saab, aap bhi dus rupaiye nahin kamaye aur hum ko bhi dus rupaiye kamaane nahin diye” (neither have you made ten bucks nor have you allowed me to make ten bucks). And the change he brought about… the departments he used to be heading have seen everyone from the office clerk to the manager shunning under-the-table dealings. And while it has stopped some luxuries that extra money would have got them, it has got them the most important thing – peace of mind and for the government / public administration, it meant… transparency, efficiency and integrity!

I feel proud of my dad… and one thing that I would wanna imbibe from him is the trait of being true to oneself. And I think if we as global citizens consciously decide to be true to ourselves, we can become responsible global citizens. This is the first step in the huge transformation process we all have to be party to… As I mentioned in my previous post, as responsible global citizens, we can empower ourselves to make a difference at a geo-soc-eco-pol level. Wow… here we have – the “HUMAN GSEP MOVEMENT” taking birth!!

And if we go together on this mission, what we have is the freedom to live the same lives as we wanted to… unlike the fundamentalist way we are being prodded to live – “Don’t drive your car, use the bus”! We should be proud of being liberals… who search for solutions that still allow us to live the way we choose with pragmatic limitations (in the best interests of everyone).

This vision of our future which I’ve deliberately painted in optimistic hues still requires a considerable leap of faith in ourselves. We have incidents of this reaping positive results be it the elimination of apartheid in South Africa or the economic changes seen in India and the likes. I have strong faith in the human capacity for change and this surely makes it a strong case for catalyzing a rapid global transformation for the better.

Hail the HUMAN GSEP MOVEMENT… steering all towards a simple mission – “Coming together for universal change“!!!

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