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Meet the starving billionaire…

Has it ever crossed your wildest dreams that… even a billionaire might not be able to buy food for himself??

It also never even came within miles of my thought process… but lo’ it’s turned out to be a reality. Now you might be wondering if I’ve gone crazy after a tiring weekend or that my definition of “billionaire” is something different. Ahan!!!

It is not the food crisis we have been hearing of… all this while. Then what? So, here’s the revelation… this is the reality one sees in Zimbabwe… where the inflation seems to have crossed the million mark… hovering around an official figure of 2.2 million percent. What does that translate into??

It means… an absolutely petty value for the currency. The currency denominations in Zimbabwe range from 10-million-dollar and a 50-million-dollar to a new 100-billion-dollar.

Wow… sounds like a rich country!! I too felt the same way until I read the next statement. 100-billion-zimbabwean dollar = 1 US dollar (WTF!!)

So, here goes it… a Zimbabwean billionaire cannot afford a one-time meal… all he can get with a 100-billion-dollar note in his pocket are 4 oranges.

What has this country come to… economic crisis of the extreme measure. SOS!!!

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