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Getting back into action…

September 6, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Phew!!! Am finally back… after some life-changing experiences and lots of things to talk about.

Post 20th July when I last posted on the blog, I have been doing a full circle… a quick summary of that: Having travelled to India on 25th July, I was welcomed by a huge to-do list… for the wedding preparations. Just a week to go and emotionally, the wait seemed like eternity. However, when it came to knocking off items from the to-do list, time seemed to be in a fast forward mode. The irony of life.

Nevertheless, managed to wrap up things just in time… and reached the wedding aisle… on time!!! Got married… happily. Did some whirlwind travel with my wife and am now back to work. Life seemed to have settled down very peacefully. But now, future plans for career and personal life seem to have taken more importance than ever… so am on it now – working towards all the goals I had defined for myself.

In between all these rigors, have been… following or atleast trying to follow the action in the race for Washington – although one thing that disappointed me the most was how politicians play with words to mislead voters (e.g. being one candidate demonstrating her fiscal responsibility credentials by saying that she put up an expensive state-owned plane on eBay with the hidden fact being that it didn’t get sold on that and eventually was sold offline through normal channels; and another candidate setting high standards for the rival on certain key skills demanded of the VP role and lowering it to unfathomable depths for his own VP candidate. Anyways, politics seems to be becoming more abstruse than ever for me.

Whenever I get my eye to move eastward from the US prez elections, the radar shifts to the Russia-Georgia deadlock and further on to the Indo-US Nuclear Deal. Frankly speaking, I don’t have much opinion on the Russia-Georgia crisis owing to lack of factual knowledge…. thanks to our sidey media. As for the nuclear deal, I think it’s become an ego issue for all parties to get their promises met… and again you see “language” coming in as a consensus-building weapon for the architects of the NSG Waiver to get the deal passed. Mediocre polity!!!

Aaaaahhh… enough of the CNN Reporting 🙂 I would rather spend this time in coming up with something different else am not gonna be any different from the news sites.

  1. Salman
    September 10, 2008 at 9:09 am

    Finally u’re back…sounds Great!!! ….i guess everyones eagerly waiting for ur posts(me for sure)Wishing you a very Happy Marriage and may Allah(swt) bless u abundantly. Share some of the “nawshah’s” pics….:)
    as for ideas wanted…how abt China’s dominance in Beijing Olympics and Federer’s return to winning ways???

  2. September 11, 2008 at 7:41 am

    @ Salman

    Thanks for the adrenaline push… am surely gonna go guns with my blog now inshallah!

    As for your ideas, I can possibly put the China topic in my mind blender. However, tennis seems pretty much out of my zone of wisdom.

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