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Flipping the “counter-terrorism” coin…

September 13, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Phew… this is one difficult subject. But it isn’t so to the scholarly, political and the journalistic few who puff their discourse on counter-terrorism with blank rhetoric and happy notions which in no way helps us understand the crux of this issue.

How many times have we heard and seen politicians ranting… “cowardly act”, “condemnable attack” blah blah… at the sound of a terror strike. Pull one of them and ask what their understanding of terrorism is and how they want it to be handled, 9 times out of 10, you will draw a blank from them.

What does this hint at?

Everyone understand that terrorism has plagued us… and needs to be tackled in some manner. But, then our common road ends there… ‘coz what follows next – counter-terrorism – is an act of irrational and biased thinking. The problem has been that the governments “tackling terror” have mixed so much of politics (their vote bank, public reaction, political future) that the current face of counter-terrorism is not giving us any peace but more of the same terror that we are out to tackle.

This political diversion has sort of hijacked even the primary principles of understanding the roots behind terrorism. No where have we seen any person-in-power talk about the rationale behind a young educated lad blowing himself up at the prime of his life… We all know why this doesn’t come up… after all, what we have right now is not developmental politics but purely vote-bank politics.

We need to appreciate one thing… no one is born a terrorist. I don’t see any sensibility in making plans for eliminating terrorism without understanding why a person gets involved in terrorism. Having so many doctors in my family… one thing I learned much early in life is that the only way to get rid of a symptom is to treat the disease. Therefore, it is so commonsensical that to eliminate terrorism from its roots, we need to address the causes of terrorism and not the outputs of terrorism.

Unlike the politicians and the so-called “anti-terror experts”, I candidly admit that I have no answer / solution for the same… But, all that I know of is… it wouldn’t help to use pain-killers for treating a headache when beneath the skull, there is actually a tumor that is growing inside.

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