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Time to wrest control…

September 27, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

One thing that still rings in my ears after looking at the US’ First Presidential Debate is hearing something that goes like, “we wanted to change Washington, but Washington changed us”.

I understand that there are and will be loads of detailed and in-depth comments on the round-1 of the debates… by significantly more knowledgeable and experienced political analysts. And to top it all, I haven’t even been to the States before.

However, it is very reasonable to accept the fact that what happens to and in the United States truly affects the rest of the world. And so to me, a simple n ordinary global citizen, an India, I see myself getting interested in knowing and figuring out who the best candidate is… with my limited understanding of the same.

However, when I saw the debate yesterday, what struck me the most was how stylish and poised Obama was in comparison to McCain in his body language, in his words and in his responses to the Republican’s remarks. Having as much of a neutral bias as I can muster, I have come to realize the basic difference of their approaches…. something that a simple business school communications class could teach me… TO BE AN EFFECTIVE COMPETITOR, NEVER TARGET YOUR OPPONENT FOR WHO HE IS AS A PERSON BUT TARGET HIM FOR HIS IDEAS AND HIS PLANS. While Obama seemed to have put his Harvard class learning to good use, McCain was remarkably ignorant of this basic principle. This debate left a lot more to be said about McCain’s insulting demeanor… which I would prefer to ignore for the moment.

However, coming back to my central point of occupying the driver’s seat… am not sure how the political pundits would react to it, but to me, McCain committed a big blunder by admitting that instead of his party changing the way Washington works during the last eight years, they saw themselves getting changed and not doing anything about it.  Bundle this with the “fake” rhetoric of CHANGE, I am not sure if any rational global citizen would believe the Republican.

I think what an average global citizen expects from the next President of the United States is not radical rhetoric or a nerve-racking change… but simple steps towards an era of peace and prosperity for all. And this would include the following measures:
1. An honest dialogue with all nations to resolve the political crises around the world… US, being the nerve-center of most of these crises, needs to lead the dialogue in a responsible and trustworthy manner.
2. Coming together of a comity of nations to understand the geo-social issues plaguing us… ranging from energy sustainability to global warming to disease outbreaks… the thing that is lacking now is a clear understanding of the roots of these issues and then the willingness of the powers-to-be to come to a consensus on accepting the facts. Understanding the problem comes first. Solving comes later.
3. Act on all matters internal and external to US with a sense of utmost accountability, integrity and sensibility so as to ensure that no entity (be it an internal population base or an external country) comes to harm unnecessarily.

I am sure with so much wisdom residing in the portals of the US polity, it shouldn’t be a difficult task for them to come up with plans to address these 3 wishes of the global citizens. And whichever candidate is willing to genuinely promise us this, we are for him all the way 🙂

  1. October 21, 2008 at 7:10 am

    Did you say Republican McCain running on CHANGE platform … It’s actually the other way round. Obama is running on the Change philosophy, whereas McCain’s got the “Maverick” side to support his campaign. Ofcourse, I don’t understand McCain’s maverick history … How can he be when he voted 95% of the time with the hugely unpopular President, Dubya

    -Obama Supporter
    Change we can believe in!

  2. October 25, 2008 at 4:25 pm

    @ Shakir

    I cannot be making such a basic fundamental mistake 🙂 LOL

    I was talking about how the facts in front of us and his “change” joke not making any sense to anyone!!

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