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Trafficomania… a global epidemic??

October 19, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

Every morning… the biggest battle I look forward to is neither the typical corporate boardroom battles nor the hard bargaining with the roadside vendors… but the race to reach the office in the crazy traffic.

Firstly, when I was back in India, I used to crib about the mad traffic there… with traffic discipline so obvious by its absence. I used to always wonder how peaceful it is gonna be to drive in the western world… a case of the grass on the other side of the fence is always greener.

Lo’ stepping out of India, I realized that traffic everywhere is chaotic… the only solace this time being that I didn’t have the “license to drive”. I used to merrily enjoy the fact that I can happily take a cabbie to any place I want (with the exception of the long wait on the road to get some generous cabbie to stop) and not bother about parking and other trivia. But, then, the exception became the norm and that is when I decided it is high time I get a license for myself.

After a difficult time of coughing up so much money for a VIP Driving License application… (where the number of Vs adding to the left side of IP decide the multiplier in the application fee… VIP costing around 4000 AED… VVIP costing around 6000 AED… and so on), I managed to get my driving license in the second attempt. What a feat… one of a fellow IIM alumnus I met at the driving school even agreed to my conclusion that this is more of an achievement than getting through the CAT for admission to IIM.

Anyways, done with the license, now when I got onto the roads… the initial feeling was of “exhilaration”… the pure delight of driving at a speed of 120 without breaking the law and mine / anyone else’ bones. However, slowly, the flip side started rearing its ugly head… and before long, I started feeling the pain of the Dubai traffic.

Right from the time I start from home for office begins my battle for survival… I have to get down an overpass and get onto the left-most lane on the road (5 lanes across) and all the cars in those intermediate lanes honking and some even daring me by coming close… and once am in the left-most lane, a new problem of other cars getting into the lane with no notice… and then the radars… I am almost half-tired by the time I get to the office. A trip which ideally should take me 15min in no traffic takes me 1hour with average traffic… mind you, average!!!

And by the time evening comes, I start dreading the traffic menace again… on the way back home, it is more painful… with everyone in a rush to get home. Who wants to rush to get to office early? 🙂
Mostly, I pass through the toll gates coughing up more than a dollar one each way… but then when I have to take the normal route, the traffic is chaotic and slow (slow is also an understatement).

That is the new global epidemic… that has been a cause for worry and anxiety for everyone on the roads worldwide… TRAFFICOMANIA. What one can only do to keep sanity intact during this phase is… to either hook onto the phone with family / friends (only with a hands-free buddy… lest you come and bang my backside with ur car) or listen to the radio…

Must thank the radio stations… for treating traffic patients free-of-charge…. May the radio stations and the radio jockeys thrive!!!!

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